Traveling and drinking at the Coliseum – a Caravn Banana Interview

Traveling and drinking at the Coliseum – a Caravn Banana Interview
5th May 2022 sandra
caravn banana interview

📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

Your favorite playlist right now

I listen to the “This is Oasis” playlist all the time, I find their songs absolutely magical.

Why did you choose Caravn as your artistic name?

I was thinking of my artist name and really struggling with it. I tried VAL but thought it was a bit boring, tried ValentinOo but thought it was a bit lame, even tried Valentino White which is just weird and racist ahah. I thought of my music and how I want it to make people travel. And is there a better way to travel and look around than with a beautiful caravan, I don’t think so. So I removed the last “a” to be cool and confusing, and voila! Caravn was born.

You say that your highs are very high and your lows are very low (emotionally speaking) how does this influence your music?

I think my music can be very uplifting, and very depressing ahah. How I feel will depend on what I write on and about. Sometimes I feel frustrated and will write an angry song, sometimes I will feel very happy and write a fun song. Or sometimes I am just “ok”, and will get in a certain mood thanks to a few chords on my guitar, or my piano. Then that vibe will take me somewhere great or not, and then I see what comes out 🙂

Coming from Italy but living in London, do you notice any differences in the way that music is appreciated in both countries?

I think yes and no. I think Italian people appreciate emotion and discovery more than British people. However the level that you need as an artist to make it in the UK is very high, I think higher than in Italy. I have noticed that I had to become much better to impress people here. And now when I go back to Italy people are in awe when I sing. I still need to convince the UK people though ahah.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to start learning an instrument?

I would say first of all it is never too late to learn. I’m near 30 and I am learning piano, and I am making progress little by little. It is NEVER too late to learn. Get some lessons from someone you really like, or learn on Youtube, and learn songs that you like, even simplified versions of them. Eventually you’ll improve 🙂 Oh and also the first month learning an instrument is the absolute worst, but it gets better I swear!

If you were a… type of Disney princess…?

Jasmine. She’s hot, sassy & longs for freedom, that’s the dream lol


❤️‍🔥What’s your favorite famous monument?

The Colosseum! Used to get drunk there as a teenager and my god it was beautiful.

The worst excuse that you’ve ever used to stay at home

I’m too high to go out. Funnily enough it’s also my best excuse.

Something that you did and truly regret

At university I slept with my best friend. When she was interested in someone else I got jealous and talked to her in a way that was unacceptable (toxic masculinity lol) , making her feel bad and it ruined everything. I apologised but it was too late, you can’t un-break something broken. I regret it, however I learned to never speak like that to someone I care about.

Anything you want to add before we finish?

I am truly blessed to be pursuing music and work with you guys <3 Big thanks for everything you’ve done all these years!

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