Indiemono Weekly Digest 10WK1

Indiemono Weekly Digest 10WK1
1st October 2021 sandra
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🐵 Hello monitos! Say hello to October! The month of witches

Find our previous weekly digest here:

There’s nothing more pleasant than starting a new month: new opportunities, a new contest *cough, cough* and new music.

Xmas contest

We know that it’s just the 1st of October but we are so hyped about Christmas that we are holding a contest. We are looking for unreleased music for our Xmas compilation. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is amazing but what about creating a new take on it? We are accepting original songs and covers.

You could be the next Mariah Carey, the next Bing Crosby…! Your grandsons could play your songs at family dinners. Sounds amazing, huh?

We will choose three songs to be part of this.

Check out all the details right here.

New Indie/Alternative September

Our playlist is already updated with the best indie tunes from September. You can check out the previous months on our archive.

Releases of the week

Hotel California- Besomage, Meric Again, Haluna

A new take on the classic “Hotel California” in collaboration with Meric Again and Haluna!

+ From this release + Besomage

🧡 Friday Crushes of the week

This is our playlist curated every Friday with love at first listen songs.
These are the tracks that made our hearts melt during this week.

Interesting news of the week

It seems that Spotify is encouraging artists to keep away from fake streams services. Be careful! Don’t ever pay to be part of a playlist. Probably, most streams will come from bots that are going to increase your Spotify numbers but your stats are going to suffer a lot and you might end up being banned from Spotify.

You can always submit your music for free to us 🙊

You can also follow us on Instagram if you miss us during the week or if you don’t want to miss upcoming contests.

Catch you next Friday!

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