Contest: An alternative Xmas compilation

UPDATE 20.11.2021: This competition is closed

🦌 An Alternative Christmas Contest!

We are creating a new compilation album, and we want to invite you to join us. This one is Christmas-themed, but you know us, we love alternative music. We are looking for unreleased songs. No need for the songs to be party-themed, dark, or any mood in particular – everything goes, but of course it has to have a Christmas theme (in lyrics, vibes, or whatever). Think about it as a great compendium of songs, all together in a form of officially released playlists with different artists involved. You know the ones we talk about – they’re probably accumulating dust on your grandma’s shelves.  Think about that, but (for now) only digital and internationally published. If you want more references; we released a previous compilation on Valentine’s day, check it out.


    • The song must be unreleased. This means not published on any service or shared in public forums.
    • It can be an original song or a classic cover. Of course, the theme is Christmas.
    • Any number of collaborators in the song is accepted. It can be solo, band, or collaboration of artists/collective.
    • DEADLINE We should receive the song before November 20th, 23:59PM CEST.
    • The track should be in English as the main language. We’re also open to other language mixes, but English has to be part of the song.
    • Instrumental music such as classical is very discouraged.
    • Extremely hard genres (thrash metal, growl, hardcore, etc) are very discouraged too.
    • Any amount of entries are accepted.

Assets and details

    • Audio file of the song; it has to be ready for distribution or almost ready to be finished in a week.
    • Send us the file through Dropbox, Drive, or whatever permanent link with public permissions.
    • The cover artwork is not needed. The compilation will have a branded Indiemono artwork.
    • Everything we need is displayed in the form below. Just fill it up before the deadline.

The prize!

    • Of all the entries, our team will select 3 songs to be the winners of the competition.
    • As we did with love.we’ll be distributing the song on all DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc).
    • Indiemono will compromise on the promotion of the songs in the compilation album.
    • We will hold this agreement for 5 years after the song is released.
    • You will be part of our pool of artists and will have the option to release more music with us.
    • We will declare the winners by Novemember 28th, and release the compilation by 17th of December.

What am I agreeing at by filling this form?

    • Every song sent through this form will be listened to only by the Indiemono team.
    • By submitting, you are not granting us permission for distribution or publishing rights of any kind.
    • In the event that your entry wins the contest, a conversation and terms will be negotiated with you.
    • If your song is not selected, we don’t have rights over it in any way possible and we won’t publish it in any way.


Deliberating winners now.