Top 8 Trippy Psychedelic Songs for Red Planet Day

Top 8 Trippy Psychedelic Songs for Red Planet Day
28th November 2023 Elena
Top 8 Trippy Psychedelic Songs for Red Plant Day

If you know us by now, you’ll know that we love giving you the soundtrack to every mood. If you’re in the mood for a Red Planet or celebrating one, then you’re going to enjoy these top 8 trippy psychedelic songs. And yes, we’re aware that there are many more planets out there (R.I.P. Pluto), there are now 8 “official” planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Every 28th of November the world honors Mars and, shockingly, we’d like you to celebrate it with an Indiemono playlist, including some of the best cover songs and originals.

Top 8 Trippy Psychedelic Songs by Indiemono

“Marquee Moon” by Niki Moss

Niki Moss is the first of this trippy music journey with a cover of “Marquee Moon”. Originally, the band Television debuted this 10:30-minute track in their 1977 album. Yep, you read it right. It’s considered a classic in the post-punk and art rock genres, known for its atmospheric sound and the guitar interplay between Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd.

Innovative guitar work, tailored from beginning to end, including thoughtful lyrics:

Life in the hive puckered up my night

A kiss of death, the embrace of life

Ooh, there I stand neath the Marquee Moon

Just waiting

Niki Moss is actually an alter ego of Miguel Vilhena, a Portuguese musician and producer. This indie artist makes music that spans various genres, including electronic, indie pop, and alternative rock. He’s known for his atmospheric soundscapes, and this just happens to be a triipy one!

“Man It Feels Like Space Again” by Pond

Man It Feels Like Space Again is an album by the Australian psychedelic rock band Pond, which they released in 2015, it’s their sixth studio album. Pond is known for its association with other Australian bands like Tame Impala; in fact, several members of Tame Impala have been part of Pond at different times.

This trippy psychedelic song captures the whole essence of the album and its experimental sound, featuring dreamy and spacey compositions. As you can read, the lyrics don’t fall short of this experiment:

So you’re at a low, your speeding heart is getting slow

The music fades before your mind, you hold the hand, and whisper man

Man, it feels like space again, you saw her face man, she cries

The river sticks is getting wide, the Brooklyn waves, the rolling ways

And Jesus says, they both say

It received positive reviews for its creativity, sonic exploration, and the band’s ability to blend various musical influences into one influential sound in itself.

“Mount Everest” by Labrinth

Another trippy song that showcases an out-of-this-world style. This time, Labrinth. This track combines soulful vocals with powerful lyrics that dive into perseverance, determination, and overcoming obstacles, using the metaphor of climbing Mount Everest to illustrate those challenges:

Mount Everest ain’t got shit on me

Mount Everest ain’t got shit on me

‘Cause I’m on top of the world

I’m on top of the world, yeah

The song’s production is a dynamic blend of various musical elements that make it a genuine listening experience. Good luck on making it out!

“Space Travel Music” by Chef Tate

Chef Tate has cooked this instrumental track for a cosmic and ethereal experience. You’ll find a taste of everything: electronic elements, futuristic sounds, and ambient melodies that’ll transport you around, at least, one solar system.

This trippy psychedelic song features a combo of synths, reverberating tones, and rhythmic patterns that make you feel like you’re about to rule Earth. Sorry, Universe! If you’re ready to explore the unknown, it’s the kind of music you need right now.

“Pray” by HAELOS

A captivating and atmospheric song that is a perfect blend of electronic, indie, and alternative music. A moody and introspective vibe, perfect for a Tuesday, with haunting vocals that are subtly placed along an instrumental arrangement:

When you just can’t hold the highs

Like Sunday skies

And broken rhymes

Run out of love. Lost our way

To passing clouds

And rolling waves

Pray I don’t fall down

Feeling introspective? Or in search of meaning? HAELOS will definitely draw you in through its hypnotic melody, electronic beats, dreamy synths, and evocative soundscapes.

“Drifting” by Space4lease

“Drifting” by Space4lease is a mesmerizing indie rock track that “releases” dreamy melodies. Their music usually features lush guitar arrangements, ethereal vocals, and a dynamic rhythm part that sets an introspective mood.

Lyrically, you’ll soon understand why the song is entitled “Drifting”:

And it’s time that I escape,

It’s time I found a place

Of my own

You might feel like you’re floating or drifting at some point. If you haven’t hit play yet, then check that you’re not literally floating. Overall, it’s definitely a worth-the-trip song that invites you to contemplate your surroundings.

“Jupiter” by Kinkajous

Kinkajous brings another enchanting and atmospheric instrumental track that combines jazz, electronica, and ambient music which, at times, soothes us with lush synths, rhythmic percussion, and vibrant jazz-inspired sounds to complete that cosmic mood.

This is the type of music that has the power to invite listeners on a sonic journey. No lyrics, just melodies that paint a vivid musical landscape that the rest of mortals can only dream is Jupiter.

“Balance” by Future Islands

There’s something about the universe that makes you think about the past, present, and future simultaneously. This last trip to the world of psychedelia is all about synth-pop and a dose of energy. Yet, somehow, it’ll ground you back to Earth, or to wherever you took off originally.

A driving beat, shimmering synths, and expressive vocals that’ll invite you to self-reflect, feel resilient, and find “balance” in life’s ups and downs. Wherever you may be at right now:

And you can go up to the Moon

But if you want something to change

You gotta change your life

And take your time

Future Islands leaves you with an infectious rhythm to complete this trippy and psychedelic listening experience.

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