Top 6 Chill Songs and Mellowdies for Rainy Days

Top 6 Chill Songs and Mellowdies for Rainy Days
24th November 2023 Elena
Top 6 Chill Songs and Mellowdies for Rainy Days

Whether it’s chill songs or rain, there’s a reason why one of the most relaxing sounds of nature is water: be it a waterfall, a river, or – yep you guessed it – rain. But as you may have also guessed, we’re not here to talk about the weather.

If you’ve recently submitted a track to Indiemono, then you probably know that we’re about to reveal: the best chill songs and “mellowdies” (see what we did there?) of our Rainy Days playlist.

Top 6 Chill Songs and Mellowdies for Rainy Days

We hope to do many more of these contests. If you’ve kept track of what we do, you’ll know that our aim is to support independent artists. What’s more, our way of doing this is recognizing talent that works their a** off day in and day out.

If your track is on this playlist, keep making magic. If it’s on this blog, congratulations!

“Steady as You Go” by Tiz Mcnamara

“Steady as You Go” by Tiz McNamara is an honest and heartfelt chill song that captures the essence of resilience in challenging times. The lyrics encourage you to stay steady and strong amidst the tsunami that is life:

Huddled on the inside

It’s raining now

It’s so cold that I can’t feel my toes

Holding your hand tightly, I will wait with you

I will hold you steady as you go

The most calming part of the song is probably Tiz’s soothing vocals and instrumentation which create just the right amount of coziness and support to get you going for the rest of the day.

“Fake It” by juney

“Fake It” by juney explores a topic that is becoming more and more common: putting on a socially acceptable mask. The lyrics are filled with messages about sacrificing who you are simply to fit in:

Stuck in myself still

Leaning towards a new beginning

And it feels right in winter

Let nostalgia take every inch of my whole being

This year, I could make it last

As for the “mellowdie” it brings a more lively and infectious beat, that makes it one of the most engaging and energetic songs. By the time it finishes, it’ll have you reflecting on authenticity and the inner conflict between maintaining your social image and being genuine.

“Hard Times” by Doghouse

“Hard Times” by Doghouse delves into the struggles and life battles that we face in a lifetime. These words describe adversity, perseverance, and the strength you need surf through hard times:

Saw an old face the other day

He started talking to me

A passerby with a glass stare in his eyes

He can’t get no relief

Although the song’s raw and emotional quality makes this tune something heavy to bear, it will also feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It resonates with most listeners as we’ve all experienced hardships, so this understanding and solidarity will make you feel everything but alone.

“Sea of You” by Carmela

“Sea of You” by Carmela touches upon more relaxed themes. Just kidding. It’s actually about love and longing, and everything in between. Then again, if it’s raining, chances are your mind’s already on these subjects. That feeling of being overwhelmed by someone’s presence or that willingness to lose yourself in that relationship:

Maybe we get lost in safety

We don’t know who we want to be

Frozen ’til I force myself to make a move

But ’til then I’m lying in a sea of you

Gentle melodies, soft vocals, and a dream-like atmosphere will make it hard not to connect with your own emotions. If you’re there already, get that cup of tea or coffee ready, ’cause you’re in this for the long run.

“From Kabul” by Saije

“From Kabul” by Saije is a time-and-place song and all the emotions that are tied to it. A chill song that’ll softly take you back in time and shower you with nostalgia, longing, and reflection on the past. In her particular case, it tells the story of Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city:

We pray oceans carry us to freedom

Sail sea to sea, free to dream, seed to seed

We pray oceans carry us to freedom

Sail sea to sea, free to dream, seed to seed

Hope calls me on

Hope keep me warm

Acoustics that feel like a peck-on-the-cheek, soothing vocals, and tints of traditional elements that pay homage to the culture of this city that has been so tormetend. Regardless of your city of origin, you’ll feel connected to the story and the beauty of a specific location or memory.

“Miss Catastrophe” by Evan Gross & The Derelict Casino

Nothing like an alternative dosage of hard rock n’ roll to wrap up this post. But this isn’t the only way Evan Gross & The Derelict Casino have used music as their playground.

They’ve proved to be a fountain of imagination unbounded by conventional norms. And, of course, this also applies to how they portray their thoughts:

Another round of bells from the church across the street

It’s getting early and the spirals in my thoughts are diving deep

The scene goes off in my head like a hand grenade

I throw my pillow at the wall and hyperventilate

Greatly influenced by 90s rock, their music expands to cover a diverse range of influences, from classic rock, Americana, emo, soul, and funk to jazz!

If you ever happen to catch them live, you’ll understand why their performances are considered to be a unique experience that touches all senses with scorching guitars, thunderous drums, and vibrant bass lines.

That’s all for this round of top chill songs for rainy days. Stay tuned for more contests on the next best talent in independent music. In the meantime, please continue to make magical sounds.

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