Nick Shattuck – The Stars · Indie Alternative

Nick Shattuck – The Stars · Indie Alternative
16th May 2017 Dam

Being an indie lover and finding a project like Nick Shattuck‘s, you know you have a diamond in the rough on your hands. What makes all this special is that he’s yet to be discovered and you, dear reader, will be one of the firsts to do so. We met him last month and he’s in 12 of our playlists with the amazing song ‘The Stars” – take a listen:

His voice reminds of Hozier or James Bugg, but covering a way different style closer to Fil Bo Riva or Jace Everett. We’re sure that a lot more is coming and the quality won’t let you down. Be sure to send some love to Nick Shattuck through his twitter or facebook! 😀

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