New Indie Alternative Vibes for a New Year

New Indie Alternative Vibes for a New Year
12th January 2024 Elena
New Indie Alternative Vibes for a New Year

The air is crisp, the year is fresh, and the music scene is buzzing with a wave of indie tunes waiting to be discovered. As we dive into the first month of the year, it’s time to set the tone with a curated playlist of new indie alternative tracks that we thought captured the essence of this moment.

New Indie Alternative Vibes: January 2024

Amidst the chill of winter and the promise of new beginnings, these new indie alternative songs serve as the soundtrack to our January journeys. In this playlist, you’ll find a fusion of diverse sounds and emotions that’ll help set the rhythm for the start of an exciting (here’s hoping…) year ahead.

“No One Does It Better Than You” by bob junior and Alfie Templeman

Alfie Templeman, Born in January 2003, is a British singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who began gaining recognition in his teens. Since then, he has established his eclectic musical style fusing elements of pop, funk, and indie rock. He’s released several EPs, including “Like an Animal,” “Happiness in Liquid Form,” and “Forever Isn’t Long Enough.”

His music often features catchy melodies, funky grooves, and his distinctive vocals. On this track, his fondness for catchy love songs is made evident once again:

Sat here livin’ a lie

Better than expected, fantasy neglected

For the millionth time

Burnin’ out in fashion, lovin’ all distraction

bob junior explains how this collaboration came about,

I hit up Alfie while being in London to see if we could make a little something special together […] When we got to the studio, we started out with the drum beat […] Alfie laid down the bass that gave me a good Billy Jean vibe […] I love the psychedelic feeling this song gives me, to work with someone so talented such as Alfie was nothing but true joy!

And we agree.

“Starfucker” by Slayyyter

Slayyyter, whose real name is Catherine Slater, is an American singer and songwriter known for her work in the pop and hyper-pop genres. Often featuring electronic and dance-pop elements with lyrics that are just the right amount of provocative and bold:

Think of every reason why

You wanted me in your life

I know you got what you want

But you’re not innocent, no (Oh, oh)

Confessing all my sins tonight

Guess I gotta pay the price

Sometimes I miss my top-off

Naked, you, me, alone (Oh, oh)

According to Mondosonoro, this track, included in the album STARFUCKER (2023), opens a door to a much darker artificial world moving away from that music scene where she didn’t quite fit. Electro with a bit of trash that’ll set you off for the weekend.

“Anyone But You” by Still Woozy

Still Woozy, whose real name is Sven Gamsky, is known for his indie-pop and bedroom pop sound which gained further popularity with tracks like “Cooks” and “Goodie Bag.” And if there’s one word to perfectly describe this track, that would be infectious!

If the cover rings a bell, that’s because this dreamy anthem matches the upcoming romantic comedy Anyone But You (2023) starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. If you know the plot of the movie, then you’ll feel every word of the song:

Anyone but you couldn’t open

Up my eyes and help me see this moment

You are my peace of mind

So I’ll take my time

I’ll take my time

This marks his initial release since the well-received album If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is (2021). But he hasn’t been idle during this time! He has engaged in various musical projects, including remixing “Hush” by The Marías, collaborating with Remi Wolf, and co-producing and co-writing a song for SZA. 2024 looks like a promising year for this talent!

“Claire De Lune” by Haux

This track is a new indie alternative rendition of “Clair de Lune,” originally a classical piece composed by Claude Debussy. Haux, born Woodson Black, is an American singer-songwriter whose musical style often features elements of folk, electronic, and ambient music. Of course, unlike the orginal track, this one contains lyrics:

You were playing Clair de Lune in the old front room

She loved it loud and a touch out of tune

You were holding on like hell when the silence finally fell

And I held your hand while your organs failed

Although Haux’s tracks usually have an atmospheric and emotive quality to them, this particular track has a deeper sentimental meaning: “I had a close friend who died in an accident six years ago. I was on tour in Vienna at the time and […] I didn’t make it back for the service and the years flew by. I always wished I could like rewrite the script and be there for her at the end. It’s like this song became my own funeral fairytale. It gave me the chance to finally say goodbye in person.


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