February Frequencies: New Indie Alternative

February Frequencies: New Indie Alternative
7th February 2024 Elena
February Frequencies - New Indie Alternative

It’s that time of the month again when the pulse of indie music meets the beat of the month! This time it’s February that unfolds a curated selection of new indie alternative tracks that have everything you need for a month’s soundtrack. From soulful melodies – that work towards the 14th – to electrifying beats – ditto -, each song on this playlist is a musical journey waiting to be explored.

Indiemono’s monthly playlist is here again to release new indie alternative talent. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the hidden gems that are breaking the musical mold.

February Frequencies: New Indie Alternative

We’d love to go through every track on this playlist, but we don’t have the time and the internet wouldn’t be able to hold such a vast amount of greatness! No, seriously, we’ll focus on 6 new indie alternative tracks to get your blood flowing with fresh vibes.

“One Night/ All Night” by Justice and Tame Impala

“One Night/All Night” by Justice and Tame Impala is a collaborative track that blends elements of electronic dance music (EDM) with psychedelic rock, so characteristic of Tame Impala’s style. The song begins with a pulsating beat and ethereal synth layers, setting a hypnotic and immersive atmosphere from the start.

Lyrically, it’s a journey through escapism, desire, and the inescapable nightlife: late-night adventures and the freedom that comes with letting go of everything but the present:


‘Cause if that’s the only answer

Then we could be together

‘Cause I wanna feel the pressure

And I could be your woman

‘Cause if that’s the only answer

Then we could be together

‘Cause I wanna feel the pressure

As you swim into the song, Tame Impala’s signature guitar riffs and dreamy vocals fuse with Justice’s electronic elements: this fusion of electronic and rock elements gives the song a unique and modern sound that is both energetic and introspective.

“OMG” by Suki Waterhouse

“OMG” by Suki Waterhouse is a pop-infused indie track that exhales a playful and carefree vibe. With catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and charismatic vocals, you’ll know you’re coming down with something from the start. But it’s a good type of infection.

The underlying (maybe not so subtle) message of the track? The thrill of new experiences and the sense of exhilaration that comes with embracing life’s adventures:

Oh my god

Take me back the way that I was

Oh my god

You know I only tried to play your games

So you cannot forget my name

You and I are not the same

Another blend of electronic and acoustic elements (pulsating synths, groovy basslines, and percussion) results in a contagious, modern and vibrant sound. Kind of like OMG.

“Yes Please!” by Sideponies

“Yes Please!” by Sideponies is a dynamic indie rock track that combines catchy melodies with gritty guitar riffs and energetic rhythms. From the opening chords, the song grabs the listener’s attention with its raw intensity and driving energy:

You tell me this, you tell me that

What I want to know is where you at)

‘Cause you’re right

What do you see?

Am I the one in your dreams?

This song is all about that rush of adrenaline that comes with embracing life’s adventures. This rush is perfectly expressed through a powerful guitar-driven sound and propulsive drumming. Like life, the dynamic arrangement builds up to that climactic end.

“chasing the bus” by Yaya Bey

We move onto an R&B track with smooth vocals, laid-back instrumentation, and evocative lyrics that’ll give you a bit more time to reflect.  Take your pick of themes, from a sense of longing and nostalgia to the sheer passage of time. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of everyday moments and personal experiences, i.e. the extraordinary in the ordinary:

Tomorrow’s coming

Today is always on her way out

I love you, baby

But it seems we’ve been stuck in a drought

The storm is coming

But you still somewhere having your doubts

The song’s minimalist arrangement allows her vocals to stand out and embrace listeners with her vulnerability.

“Someday Best” by Dolores Forever

Dolores Forever also touches on nostalgia and longing but they wrap it up in a dreamy indie-pop package. The song features ethereal vocals, shimmering synths, and lush production.

The chorus is the part that best portrays hope, yearning, and the passage of time:

Is this as good as it gets?

I’m not waitin’ for my someday best, I’m not wastin’ time

I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all

The song’s layered instrumentation and emotive vocals create a sense of depth that you simply can’t resist exploring. A world of possibility and imagination, where anything feels possible.

“Kind of Love” by Harry Strange

Harry Strange does it again with a soulful indie-pop track that exudes affection and vulnerability. Through his signature smooth vocals, lyrical authenticity, and depth, you’ll find yourself thinking about all kinds of love, including the highs and lows, longing, devotion, and acceptance:

This house has no hold when you’re gone

And I lie so far from where I broke

A phone call to prove me wrong

I’ve never known this kind of love

I’ll never know that kind of love

Soulful grooves, warm instrumentation, and infectious hooks make this track equally heartbreaking and irresistible. Another kind of love.

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