From zero to heroes- a Johnning Banana Interview

From zero to heroes- a Johnning Banana Interview
8th December 2021 sandra
Johnning Banana Interview

You wrote “Heroes” with Janji and right now the song has 128 million streams. (…) What inspired you to write it? Did you ever think that it would be that big of a hit?

Heroes Tonight was written in Tampa Florida in the US when I was living there. It came together when I was playing around on the piano and humming on melodies. It was originally meant to be called “Dynamite” and for another artist but he declined it and then Janji sent over an instrumental which suited the vocal and melody I had come up with perfectly. However, I decided to change Dynamite to Heroes Tonight, and I’m happy I did. I would never have thought it would have been such a big hit at the start and it also got declined by NCS 2 times but the third time we contacted them begging them to release it they agreed on it. Well, third times a charm I guess, and now it’s the 2nd most viewed song on their channel with over 270 million views and top 200 most viewed music videos on Youtube since 2015.


We see that you’re linked to the gaming community. Do you play video games? Did any of them inspire you to write music or any song specifically?

I have actually never been extremely into gaming, but I truly appreciate the art behind it. When I do play It usually is Call of Duty or FIFA with some friends. The games haven’t sparked any inspiration of writing a song for me but superhero movies truly had to be an influence in the making of Heroes Tonight.




In the break-up song “Never Going Back Again” you say you’d never repeat your past mistakes. When thinking about your music career, is there anything you would not do again? Any tips for aspiring artists?

When it comes to my music career I have always been strict when it comes to signing certain contracts. Thankfully I have a family that loves to be involved and reading through them so I don’t sign anything that isn’t beneficial. I would although say to artists that aspire to choose this path of profession to really sign deals with people or labels that show a vision for you as an artist and give you a fair deal equivalent to where you are in your career at the moment.


Your last single is very 80s synthpop. Are you going to release more songs in this sub-genre or are you just experimenting?

I am currently following trends that are hip and popular at the moment. However, I have a lot of new songs with a similar feel to Never Going Back Again, so it people like this one they can sit back and relax knowing that it will be more bangers coming.


If you were a planet, you’d be…

I would be the earth, I’m getting hotter for each and every year even though some enemies would like it the other way around.


What’s your favorite TV show?

How I Met Your Mother

A part of your body you can brag about

My jawline, still slicing that fruit like a ninja


Your first job?

I worked at a Fish Market


An artist you hate profoundly!

Not a hate and not a certain artist, but I don’t like artists who are not artists, you know? The people who sing songs other people wrote just to try and make a hit and make money, sadly there are so many of these. I’ve been in that position, I know it from the inside and I know that most of these artists are completely aware of the game they’re playing and they don’t care, it’s just a job for them and they love being famous, there’s no heart in what they do.


The smartest thing you’ve ever done

Listening to my intuition


📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

Anything you want to add before we finish?

I would like to thank Indiemono for their continuous support and for having me on this very fun interview.

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