Banana Interview

  • Oct142021
    Xcelencia banana interview

    Changing diapers during the day and hitting the studio at night – a Xcelencia interview

    Here we are another thursday with a new guest in our Banana Interview: Xcelencia. When did you decide that you…

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  • Sep232021
    banana interview with chris wills

    Music from the core of the human experience – a Chris Wills Banana Interview

    Your music remains uplifting but some of your lyrics are sad or treat more problematic moments. Is that a purposeful…

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  • Sep092021

    Dualism: Dark lyrics & Melodic Pop – a Chandler Leighton Banana Interview

    You experiment with a lot of genres in your music, especially with electronic, which one would you say fits you…

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  • Sep042021

    Tacos and sexy imagination – a Sandra Iris Banana Interview

    First things first; how would you describe Sandra Iris? Sandra Iris is just a channel for emotions and constant changes.…

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  • Sep022021

    The nonsensical and the mundane; an ivy. Banana Interview


    You look like someone who experiments with music a lot! What’s to expect from ivy. in the future in terms…

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  • Aug122021

    LEFT. and his Perspective ⌆, the Banana Interview


    So.. maybe a broad question but what’s with ⌆ Perspective? What is your perspective for the future and where are…

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  • Jul152021

    Kiko Mori in our first Banana Interview!


    I know, everyone asks – but what’s the meaning of ‘Kiko Mori‘? Kiko is my childhood nickname, and what pretty…

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