Get Indie Halloween Vibes with These 5 Witchy Songs

Get Indie Halloween Vibes with These 5 Witchy Songs
29th September 2023 Elena
Indie Halloween Vibes and Witchy Songs

There’s nothing that gets you into those indie Halloween vibes like witchcraft. In the past, witches were often perceived as a threat to social order. Huh, kind of like indie music… You may be familiar with Salem witch hunts and trials where many individuals were persecuted and accused of being ‘indie’. Sorry, we meant to write ‘witches’.

Thankfully, we’ve evolved as a society in every sense, and although there are still some parts of the globe where ‘witch’ is synonymous with malevolent practices, in other cultures they are seen as healers, wise individuals, or spiritual practitioners.

Which witch is your witch?

Indie Halloween Vibes: 5 Witchy Songs

It’s undeniable that Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a witch or two and whether you decide to go as a healer or malevolent practitioner, you’re probably already in the mood for some indie Halloween vibes.

Here are 5 songs that’ll fog up your room in no time!

“Meet Me In The Woods” by Lord Huron

There’s nothing like Lord Huron for a good haunting, right? We recently mentioned this American indie folk band in our Fall indie vibes post with one of the most popular songs, “The Night We Met” from their 2015 album Strange Trails.

The lyrics tell a mysterious and haunting story:

I have seen what the darkness does

Say goodbye to who I was

I ain’t never been away so long

Don’t look back, them days are gone

Follow me into the endless night

I can bring your fears to life

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

Meet me in the woods tonight

But, is it really something to fear? If Halloween is about celebrating the blurry line between the living and the dead, then every day should be celebrated, because every day a part of us dies and makes room for something new. That’s what we hope, anyway.

“Walking in the Dark” by Metronomy

This witchy song by Metronomy is included in their 2011 album The English Riviera. As soon as the track begins you’ll notice a blend of electronic and indie pop music that should give you a sense of nighttime adventure and escapism:

Holler if you need me

Holler if you need me, girl

Holler if you need me, girl

Just holler if you need me

‘Cause I couldn’t stand the pain

Of seeing you hurt again, girl

Once again, you’ll need to dig deeper into the meaning of this song; it can mean different things to different people but just like most of our subconscious, it’s a metaphor for exploring the unknown or embarking on a journey. This, combined with electronic elements creates that dreamy – or nightmare – feeling of wandering in the dark.

“Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys

Time to get wolfy with the American rock band The Black Keys. This track is included in their 2010 album Brothers which’ll add a passionate bluesy rock sound to this horror playlist. One of the most memorable things about this track is the guitar riffs and energetic rhythm.

Can Halloween be about love? As with witches, you are the perceiver and there’s nothing spookier than needing someone like air:

I must admit

I can’t explain

Any of these thoughts racing through my brain, it’s true

But baby I’m howlin’ for you


There’s something wrong with this plot

The actors here have not got a clue

Baby, I’m howlin’ for you

If you keep listening you’ll find action-movie references which definitely add a vibe of adventure. In fact, it’s been featured in many films, television shows, and commercials. Long live blues and garage and garage rock.

“Spiderhead” by Cage The Elephant

There’s nothing more eerie than a psychedelic vibe. And we love it. This song by MGMT is also the title track from their 4th studio album Little Dark Age (2018). Their known for their psychedelic and experimental sound and this witchy track has that dark and eerie vibe, both musically and lyrically:

Oh-oh, forgiving who you are, for what you stand to gain

Just know that if you hide, it doesn’t go away

When you get out of bed, don’t end up stranded

Horrified with each stone on the stage, my little dark age

Picking through the cards, knowing what’s nearby

The carvings on the face say they find it hard

And the engine’s failed again, all limits of disguise

With clear references to paranoia and fear, it could be an analogy to a new life phase marked by a challenge that you’re afraid to face and that makes you feel uneasy. Interestingly enough, this album also represented a new phase for their music, more of a synth-pop and new wave influence compared to their earlier work. The video is also something worth watching!

“Curse” by Emily Burns

British singer-songwriter Emily Burns is known for her pop music and lyrics that spell out emotion all over. This song focuses more on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with a toxic relationship:

Everybody’s underneath a curse

But it doesn’t work on me

Everybody’s out there getting hurt

But I’m doing perfectly

And the world’s gone mad

Isn’t it sad?

Although the word ‘curse’ here is not a result of witchcraft (we think), it does suggest a relationship that starts to feel like a burden or something hard to break from.

We hope you eased into indie Halloween vibes with our top 5 witchy songs and look forward to sharing our new Halloween playlist soon!

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