CrossFit Music: A Workout Playlist to Face the Fall

CrossFit Music: A Workout Playlist to Face the Fall
27th September 2023 Elena
Crossfit Music - Workout Playlist to Face the Fall

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that includes lifting, squatting, and running. It’s said that coaching and individualized training are essential to be successful in CrossFit; we say it’s CrossFit music or, better said, an Indiemono Workout Playlist.

The type of music used for a workout depends on the type of exercise you’re doing and your own taste. However, there are certain genres that work for everyone and every type of exercise: pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), or heavy metal. As CrossFit includes cardio and strength, we’ve opted for fast tempos and slightly slower tempos.

Let the games begin.

Workout Playlist: Classic and 2023 Hits

Let’s face it, music continues to be the best source of motivation and distraction. Whether you work out or are looking for the motivation to do so, here’s a Workout Playlist that includes classics and best hits from 2023.

This playlist is meant to suit the duration and intensity of a standard CrossFit workout to help you maintain momentum throughout.

“Sexy Bitch” by Rxm リム

Rxm リム is the alias used by the collaborative phonk project including Rival, Arcando, and CRVN. Their debut track “CONNECTION” was released on April 4, 2023, in NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) but these artists have a long track of success in music.

Cody Nadeau, aka Rival, is a German artist and producer known in the EDM scene, specifically dubstep and bass-heavy tracks. You’ve surely heard more of his track in our playlists, including “Seasons” “Be Gone,” and “Blood Moon” where he collaborates with Egzod and Dayce Williams.

Marc Bandecchi, aka Arcando, is a Dutch DJ and electronic music producer. He gained recognition in the EDM scene for his energetic tracks, including “Paralyzed,” “Army,” and “Atlantis” where he likes blending progressive house, future bass, and pop.

CRVN is the second alias of caravan. This British pop musician is all about indie pop with lively melodies and reflective lyrics. You may have heard covers in our playlists, as well as originals including “Be Gone,” “Hot Girl Bummer,” and “The Other Side.”

This track is one of the best examples of this musical fusion:

Yes, I can see her

‘Cause every girl in here wanna be her

Oh, she’s a diva

I feel the same and I wanna meet her

Don’t be surprised if you find this trio several times throughout the playlist…

“In Da Getto” by J Balvin feat. Skrillex

We know Khaby Lame has, at least, danced to this one! This workout track combines elements of reggaeton and EDM, reflecting the unique styles of both J Balvin and Skrillex.

Dancin’ at the ghetto

Inna di ghetto

Party in the ghetto

Inna di ghetto

It gained major popularity for its catchy beats and energetic sound that’ll make whatever set or round you’re in a bit more fun!

“Magenta Riddim” by DJ Snake

French DJ and record producer DJ Snake released this tune in 2018 as a single. Once again we find elements of EDM, specifically dancehall and reggae genres.

The song features a catchy and energetic beat and has been popular in dance music circles and clubs. As far as the lyrics go:

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Pig gam ba li, de la pig gam ba li ba

Bamb bamb bamb di gi di da dam (woo)

Yes, it’s that type of song that you’d love to be Shakira for but you’re just happy to finish up your round of deadlifts.

“Better Off” by RIELL

RIELL is a Canadian dance-pop artist, topliner, and songwriter. She’s known to create a creative blend that reminds us of Halsey, Anne-Marie, and The Weeknd.

This track is included in her EP, Better Off (2021) which can be thought of as a preliminary to “Burn Our Bridges Down,” a single written specifically for an ex that, presumably, claimed not to like previous songs she felt were about it.

So, she wrote more. We just love her.

“Better Off” reinforces the theme of self-exploration, especially after a breakup:

I’m better off, better off

Better off, better off

With you gone

Didn’t measure up, measure up

Measure up, measure up

With your talk

Whether you relate to this or not, doesn’t matter because being pissed off is a great incentive for strength training.

“Secrets” by Regard, RAYE

Time to cool down? This workout song by Kosovan DJ and producer Regard features vocals from British singer Raye, who you may have heard in major hits, “You Don’t Know Me” or “Escapism.”

As for Regard, the club scene would not be the same without “Ride It,” or “Secrets”. Although you may know the first track after it became a viral sensation on platforms like TikTok, it’s actually a remix of Jay Sean‘s “Ride It“.

“Secrets” was released the year after and it also became a popular hit in the electronic dance and pop music scenes:

I don’t know ’bout you, ’bout you

‘Bout you, you-you-you-you-you

There’s something in his eyes

He’s keeping secrets

We hope that these 5 tracks got you pumped up and ready to continue your workout or, at least, face the Fall!

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