Indiemono Weekly Digest 1WK5

Indiemono Weekly Digest 1WK5
28th January 2022 sandra
xcelencia weekly digest

Hello, little monkeys 🐒 say goodbye to January! 

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Releases of the week


Tabu is a Latin future funk track inspired by Xcelencia favorites such as Daft Punk and The Weekend. The single is part of a series of music that will lead to a live performance showcase and digital art exhibition in Xcelencia’s hometown this summer.


🧡 Friday Crushes of the week

This is our playlist curated every Friday with love-at-first-listen songs.
These are the tracks that made our hearts melt this week.


Interesting news of the week

Fans hate MGK Frank Ocean's cover


Spotify removes neil young catalogue

Spotify for artists new data

We would love to hear your opinion on Taylor and Damon’s feud. Do you really think that Taylor Swift doesn’t write her songs? Does having co-writers mean that you don’t write your own songs? Comment below and see you next week 🐒

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