Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK2

Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK2
12th November 2021 sandra
Honey Blossom

🐵 We’re coming back this week with a lot of new music! 

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Releases of the week

Honey Blossom- Limón Limón

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and all of the flowers in your garden are in full bloom. Blending elements of Indie, Bossanova, and R&B. Honey Blossom is a distinct and refreshing fusion of genres. The song features a full arsenal of acoustic instruments including flute, acoustic and electric guitar, cuica, bongos, and an upright grand piano. Honey Blossom is that relaxing weekend morning your ears have been searching for.

+ From this release + Limón Limón

Sweet Addiction- Meric

*Meric has a passion for both the emotional songwriting that tells stories about his own life and high energy uplifting rhythms which he loves to combine with elements of the 80s Synth-pop era. He writes, records, produces, and sings all of the project’s music and keeps purity and identity always at its center. Sweet Addiction started as something out of Meric’s Personal life that he kept referring to as his “Sweet Addiction” which he later decided to capture in a song. The true meaning of the song will be unveiled throughout his career as all pieces of the puzzle come together, that make up his person

+ From this release + Meric

Run – Besomorph

Besomorph comes back with “RUN” in collaboration with Tom Enzy. Instant banger!

+ From this release +Besomorph

Better Off – Riell

RIELL releases another track with Besomorph in charge of the production. Her expressive vocals help us travel to that stage of grieve in which you finally understand that you’re too good for someone and you deserve better.

+ From this release + Riell


🧡 Friday Crushes of the week

This is our playlist curated every Friday with love at first listen songs.
These are the tracks that made our hearts melt during this week.

Interesting news of the week

Bruno Mars joins app fave

We want to express our deepest condolences to the victims of the Astroworld festival and their families. This is a tragedy that should never be repeated.

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