Indiemono Weekly Digest 10WK3

Indiemono Weekly Digest 10WK3
15th October 2021 sandra
weekly digest 10wk3

🐵 Hello monitos! We hope you’re having an amazing week

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Releases of the week

Burn Me Up- Besomorph, Paradigm, Noubya


+ From this release + Besomorph

Killing Me Softly- Besomage, Meric Again, HALUNA

+ From this release + Besomage

Espiritus Malignos- Coco Wine

Special mention to the new Spanish garage band, Coco Wine! They just released their second single “Espiritus Malignos” An amazing choice for this month, don’t you think so? Catchy guitar hooks, sassy vocal delivery, and the classical garage sound with spooky lyrics. We’re into it!

🧡 Friday Crushes of the week

This is our playlist curated every Friday with love at first listen songs.
These are the tracks that made our hearts melt during this week.

Interesting news of the week

Spotify proposes lower royalties for musicians

Latin music grew by 37%

Bids for royalties

We really hope that companies reconsider this decision of paying even lower royalties rates. We don’t agree with this by any means. Songwriters are already getting low quantities of money for their work. We’re also intrigued about how these bids will work and how much profit they will get. Let’s see!

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Catch you next Friday!

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