Songs for a cozy evening 🍁 music + ideas to stay in the autumn mood

Songs for a cozy evening 🍁 music + ideas to stay in the autumn mood
5th October 2021 sandra

Welcome autumn! Here’s a playlist that we made for you with our favorite songs for a cozy evening. There’s no better sensation than drinking a hot beverage at your favorite coffee shop.

Here we will give you some songs and ideas for the perfect cozy evening. You have the full playlist right here:

1. Take a bubble bath while listening to Cherry by Harry Styles

We love bubble baths but we don’t have time for them in our day-to-day life. Why don’t you treat yourself this evening? Harry Styles is invited.

2. Make a home-made Pumpkin Spice Latte while listening to my slime by Fousheé

God bless pumpkin spice lattes! but we’d rather stay at home this evening. Here’s a recipe! Also, Fousheé is the perfect definition of a soothing voice. Who could be a better company for a coffee?

3. Try a face mask while listening to Alaska by Maggie Rogers

Be honest. You don’t take care of your skin as much as you wish. This is the perfect opportunity. No one is going to see you (except your dog, maybe…?)


4. Bake a carrot cake while listening to my future by Billie Eilish

To be honest, we don’t really know how to bake a cake and we’ve never tried to but that’s the reason why this evening is perfect for that. Here is the recipe, don’t thank me.

ugly cake


5. Create your special lights environment while listening to Good Days by SZA

We love Tumblr, especially in the golden age, and to be honest, we always wanted to be like those Tumblr girls with fairy lights on their bedroom. I think it’s time to make our wish come true. Forget about Tik Tok, we’re still living on Tumblr!



6. Extra plan: Listen to our whole playlist with scent candles and maybe good company?

Picture this: cinnamon scent candles, fluffy blankets, and of course good music. Who could reject that plan?

autumn mood playlist

Then you can leave us a comment with your experience. We’re hyped!

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