Tacos and sexy imagination – a Sandra Iris Banana Interview

Tacos and sexy imagination – a Sandra Iris Banana Interview
4th September 2021 sandra

First things first; how would you describe Sandra Iris?

Sandra Iris is just a channel for emotions and constant changes. A mix between the sweetest person and the darkest one, because once you’re emo, you’re always emo in your heart. I tend to see this as a weakness but I’m starting to embrace my duality, I try to think that it’s special (a sort of consolation prize).

So ‘Midnight Tacos’ is one of our favs – we’re sure that is based on a real moment, right?



What’s the weirdest venue you’d love to give a concert on?

Not a venue but Charlie Puth‘s house but never mind because I’d feel so bad by his side, he’s a musical genius and I don’t even know music theory. We are not meant to be 🙁


All the songs we’ve listened from you are experimental and different among each other – so how would you describe your style exactly?

I’m chameleonic and my music is too! I tend to draw different soundscapes and atmospheres. My tools: a good production, the use of colors and shapes, and myself too. As a music genre I’d say that it’s pop but with some characteristics of jazz and R&B. Lately, I’ve been experimenting also with drum&bass and also punk-style vocals but that’s not public yet and it might never be, who knows!


🎧 What is your current favourite / guilty pleasure / go-to playlist? ( no pressure, it doesn’t have to be in Indiemono haha)

My own playlist of Hyperpop. I love it! specially when it’s mixed with metal vocals, I love growls and weird experimental music, like for example witch house. I’m tired of hearing the same things again and again. It’s refreshing.

If you were a 90’s diva, you’d be…

I love her looks and they wouldn’t fit for my music project but sometimes I wear them on the street haha and also I love experimenting with my style on social media. Instagram is like an avatar for me. I love creating different personas (no wonder why I’m single xd)

❤️‍🔥 What’s your favourite…musical guilty pleasure

Amén. In Spain, she’s our own Santa María and I think that’s beautiful.


A story that happened with a fan worth telling

A fan told me that I didn’t know it but we were having sexual encounters on the astral plane every night.

A nickname people might not know about you

A few years ago some people called me sassy because they said I had no shame. I don’t know if I should take that’s an insult or a compliment but judging on the hair that I had on that days, I’m afraid that it was not a good thing.

Anything you want to add before we finish?

Even if you’re not the best artist, there’s someone that’s going to feel connected to your music. Every trash has its own raccoon. Surround yourself with people that are willing to help you creating music and let the magic begin!




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