The nonsensical and the mundane; an ivy. Banana Interview

The nonsensical and the mundane; an ivy. Banana Interview
2nd September 2021 Dam

You look like someone who experiments with music a lot! What’s to expect from ivy. in the future in terms of genres?

Is Future Psychedelic Bedroom Funk House a thing? I have a hard time assigning labels to the sounds I make, I just try to make things that I like to listen to myself – which is quite varied and diffuse as well. That being said I draw a lot of inspiration from genres like house, funk, pop, lo-fi, which can definitely be heard in some of the music I’m currently working on 😉

What was the reaction of your family and friends when you showed them your music for the first time?

Haha, it’s been very different! My dad and close friends always encouraged me and supported me even when I first started out, even if it sounded like trash. But as I grew my sound and got more comfortable with the entire process, I have gotten a ton of positive feedback from all over, and it’s been absolutely wonderful <3.

📢 Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

1. SoSo Faux, 2. HNNY, 3. Neste Planet {Danish}, 4. Kiko Mori, 5. Turturduvorna {Swedish}.

I’m not quite sure what counts as emerging but they’re all pretty cool c:

🎧 What is your current favourite playlist?

Fav playlist? My own!

However, I’ve basically been listening to Outer Peace by Toro y Moi for the past month straight haha

Which topics are you eager to explore in music that we haven’t seen enough of?

Oooooo tough question. There is just so much you can do and I think I want to do a little bit of everything. Currently, I’m kinda drawn to highlighting mundane, nonsensical things. I think that’s nice.

What do you have in common with the ivy plant?

both look hella good in green B)

🐧 If you were a type of plant what would you be? 

a lil avocado bonsai. It’s just something so comforting about them…

❤️‍🔥 What’s your favorite musical guilty pleasure?

COOL FOR THE SUMMER BY DEMI LOVATO mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

An artist you hate profoundly?

Mod Sun… ._.

What is the picture you’ve ever taken that you’re most proud of?

Anything you want to add before we finish?

This has been super fun! Thanks a lot for having me <3

We recommend you to check out our latest release with ivy. – yatzy!
If you like what you’re listening, check out his catalog on Spotify.

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