NEW Indie/Alternative: January 2022 by Indiemono 🍄

NEW Indie/Alternative: January 2022 by Indiemono 🍄
5th January 2022 sandra
mazie people don't change

Hello January! Welcome to this new year ❄️ The last one was full of amazing songs and we are glad that live music is slowly coming back! Can’t wait!

This is our update for our NEW Indie/Alternative: January 2022. You can find our monthly indie/alternative playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

1. Oh No – Wet Leg

The band introduces us to their fuzzy and garage sound with this light-hearted tune featuring lyrics about first-world problems. Are you feeling anxious? Keep scrolling. Look at your phone. Any notification? Can you already sense that dopamine hit?

I went home, all alone
Checked my phone
Oh, no
Oh my god, life is hard

2. That’s just how I feel – Noah Dillon

Noah Dillon wants to talk about individualism and the importance of this message is highlighted on the instrumental, where Noah’s voice is accompanied by fuzzy guitars and saturated drums, an equation that delivers a feeling of power and freedom ⚡. “This song is an anthem for holding onto the people you love and holding onto your beliefs. It’s not worth caring too much about what lays outside of that.”

My head out the window
Your hands on the wheel
Told you that I loved you
That’s just how I feel


3. The Rat – Okey Dokey

Okey Dokey created an interesting juxtaposition between a dreamy and chill instrumental and harsh lyrics bringing up to the table the bittersweet feelings of needing someone while hating them profoundly.

You’ve got a nerve to be asking a favor
You’ve got a nerve to be calling my number
I know we’ve been through this before
Can’t you hear me? I’m calling out your name


4. Wednesday – Harriette

Harriette shows us her playful side with clever lyrics and references to Wednesday from The Addams Family. Harriette has been gaining recognition on Tik Tok lately. She says: “I was doing a series for my TikTok where I write a song every day for a week from the weekdays perspective. I had the idea for this series because I was writing another dumb little sad song and I kept referring to myself as a Monday.”

I got middle child syndrome
They got it right on the Addams Show
You’ll think it’s easy
To play the part everybody’s woe

5. No Choice – Tame Impala

Tame Impala will release a The Slow Rush deluxe box set, an expanded edition of the 2020 album. The set includes some remixes and extended cuts and there are two previously unreleased B-sides called “The Boat I Row” and “No Choice.” Parker has already shared the latter, in which the psychedelic panning is one of the strengths of this record as well as the electric guitar (*chef kiss*). Make sure to grab good headphones for this one.

Nice and short.
There must be something more
Life’s a chore
What are wе living for?

6. people don’t change- mazie

And another psychedelic one! mazie wants to make sure that you know that people won’t change and you have to accept them for who they are or let them go. “By letting someone into your life, you are acknowledging that they are who they are for better or for worse — and you should be so precious about choosing who is in your life for that very reason.“

People don’t change
Not even when they want to
It doesn’t matter
It’s always the same

7. Junk Truck Head Fuck – DMA’s & MAY-A

DMA’s shares his feelings on this minimalistic and heartfelt ballad. Sometimes the best way to pour out your feelings is the simplest one. “I think we always knew ‘Junk Truck Head Fuck’ was a special song,” guitarist Johnny Took said in a press release. “Of all the tracks on the EP, we knew it would be more powerful in a modest arrangement. In the confusion of a ‘Junk Truck Head Fuck’, sometimes the simplest gesture is enough.”

She lights a smoke so the bus will come
It’s too hot in the tunnel but still…
Yeah. The standard procedure for making up
Has nothing on the rush of a tainted heart

8. Underworld – Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice has a special aura around her. Her distinctive voice and ’60s-influenced rhythms turn everything she touches into gold.

9. Second Nature – Bon Iver

Choir background vocals and an orchestral instrumental take Iver’s intimate voice to a new level. The lyrics talk about our future and how it could be changed, asking open questions through the verses that could make the listener reflect on their own life. The song is part of the show “Don’t Look Up”

Is this our first? Or second nature?
When’s that rapture? Will there be merch?
Where is mother? She was a stunner, can we page her?

10. Die Right Here – David Hugo

We want to close this ranking with bubblegum pop. Who doesn’t love a little bit of cheesiness? Puppy love is the best and we’re here for it.

She was a stoner
And I’m a good boy
A loner
But she’s a socialite
From Minnesota



These are just the top 10 placements but you can always follow our playlist for monthly updates on the best new indie/alternative music!



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