I Submitted A Song: How Can I Find Where It Is Playlisted?

I Submitted A Song: How Can I Find Where It Is Playlisted?
18th October 2017 Dam

We’ve been maintaining this free music submission system in Indiemono for some time now – you know, to consider your songs for our Indiemono playlists in Spotify. What did we learn so far? For starters, that there is a lot of undiscovered talent out there, looking for a helping hand. We received music for one human to listen for several years now. You can find us listening to music in the office all the time – sorting the ones we like, playlisting them, saving them in private playlists with names like #themostamazingsongsweeverreceived, #instantboner or #wehavetocreateaplaylistaboutthissong. We’re crazy, but you’d be amazed of the quality and variety out there.

Our system works based in categories: mostly every playlist we have is ‘submittable’ and fits in one of the categories you’ve probably seen in our system. If you send us music to a certain category, you’re opting to be in all the playlist bundle related to it, and to our full catalogue really. Having boxes is just a way to listen to the same vibe when we tune in a specific genre or mood. This is way better than having a separate submit form for every playlist, even if the outcome is being in a playlist you didn’t know about – but that you’ll love when you do! When you fill up one of our categories’ form, your song is sent directly into a private playlist where all the songs are ordered by submission date. Sending a song more than once is restricted. To be honest, is pointless, we’re the same people listening to every song in here. When you send a track, it’s a sure thing we’ll listen.

So you submitted your music to Indiemono and you don’t know what to make of it? Fear not, here is a basic guide to understand where your music might be. Bear in mind that we’re not answering every submission (positive or negatively), as we don’t have the time to do so. Generally talking, we’re taking it slow, so don’t expect quick results. Sorry for that.

We’ve opened another submit system via our Patreon where we commit to listen to the songs in the same month you send them – and then we elaborate a list of the supported songs by the first week of the following month. We did this as a way to thank the people supporting us monthly, because they’re the coolest beings we know of. Far from implying you have to pay to submit music, let’s highlight it: you don’t have to pay, use our free submission system, we’ll listen too. In fact, you’d be disappointed because we also don’t commit to support and only ~15% of the music there is supported every month. But well, we do as best as we can 🙂

So here we are, making you read and get old. Let’s jump into the things you wanted to read then:


There is an interesting correlation about Indiemono playlists and the ‘magic’ Discovery Weekly. Most of the time, when we place a song in our playlists (same with other influencer Spotify profiles) it suddenly appears in Discovery Weekly. If your song is featured in this algorithmic Spotify playlist (updated every Monday) you’ll only know if you have access to your Spotify for Artist portal. Spotify provides a tool for you to check stats of your song, the places where it was recently playlisted and other interesting stuff to give you control over what happens with your music – looks fancy!



One of the coolest websites ever. You can use it to discover a ton of metrics for songs, playlists, curators, artists, you name it. This is the perfect place, not only to check your music but the places you’re sending it too. The greatest thing about it is that you can use it for free, even if there’s a bunch of interesting things you can expand with a premium account. Here’s a link: https://chartmetric.com/



This is probably the easiest and quickest (but not the most faithful way) of checking this out. Just open your Artist profile in Spotify, jump into the ‘ABOUT‘ tab and you’ll find playlists right at the ‘Discovered On’ section. If your song was playlisted, it’s possible you’ll find right there.



I mean – what’s more, amazing for an artist than listening to his song all of a sudden in a long-reach playlist he’s casually listening to? It’s like the radio version of this case but in a smaller dimension. Check out our playlist browse here.


As our inboxes are always full of submissions and questions related to them, it’s almost sure that you won’t find an answer if you send us an email for this. Remember that this is a free system where we listen to your song for sure, so please don’t get mad if haven’t accepted your song – you can try with anything you release, it’s free. We’ll be updating you with every new system we build to get your music listened.  Follow our facebook to be up to date!  If you want us to keep working and would like to contribute – become our patron in Patreon 🙂

Thank you for your submissions and your love. 


Comments (18)

  1. Dan 3 years ago

    You guys are awesome for doing this. Thanks for listening!

  2. Luka Marra 2 years ago

    Merci super !

  3. Luka Marra 2 years ago

    Thank you

  4. Wesley Norris 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the opportunity without this type of submission program this wouldn’t be possible for me that can’t afford all the promotion the singer song writer needs.. please check out my premiere that I did submit cuz I want just one person in the comment to at least view it

    That is the best thing in the world it don’t matter how many people if one to one million sees it thank you so much @indiemono.com Here Lies Wes https://open.spotify.com/artist/3WihAUyEe1eeRhuaEV5kyQ

  5. Dave 2 years ago

    I can’t believe I’m just now finding out about you guys. This is great! Props for giving indie artists a fighting chance.

    • sandra 2 years ago

      Thanks for your comment! Welcome to Indiemono

  6. SHIMAZARO 2 years ago

    Since I started submitting my music beats on your playlist I am pleased to say I find my plays going well up and its a great moment ever.please keep up the good work

    • sandra 2 years ago

      That’s awesome! thank you for your kind words 🙂

  7. Alexander Laroda 2 years ago

    Hey! I’m eager to start and i submitted my track already. Currently in The Bahamas and would love for the opportunity!

  8. Jose 2 years ago

    I’ve already submitted my track. Thanks for helping independent artists!

  9. Martian254 2 years ago

    Hello. I am Martian- from Kenya, an Afropop Artist. I was wondering whether you also receive tracks of my genre, AfroBeats, Afropop, soul. Thanks again.

  10. Tony 1 year ago

    Excited! This is the most awesome plataforma I’ve found to submit music.

  11. Thabuu 1 year ago

    Heyyy! Excelente servicio. Una mano amiga para impulsarnos. Un abrazo y por supuesto he enviado todos mis temas..mis disculpas si me pasé de más en los envíos…Genial todo su trabajo.


  12. Kurt 1 year ago

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Keny 1 year ago

    Thank you guys for what you do with passion.
    Love that !

  14. Theo 6 months ago

    Love your work. Many Thanks from Communities End.

  15. Igloo Records Ltd. 3 months ago

    Hi! Keep up the good work. One suggestion! Open up a Christmas/Holiday Playlist. It’s that time of the year you ho, ho , go!

  16. Fantomacs 2 months ago

    Hi Indiemono Team,

    just discovered your amazing platform and you’re really doing an awesome job helping us indie musicians to get heard. Just phantastic!

    Keep on doing this – please!


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