How to provide (even more) value to your music as a musician

How to provide (even more) value to your music as a musician
18th May 2022 sandra
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Music is our passion, right? And sometimes we think that it’s all that matters. Yes, of course, it is! But how you present it and how you attract your audience is also really important. Here are a few secrets to attract more engaged listeners:

1. The meaning behind your song/lyrics

Everyone likes music but what really connects with people is emotion. How could you make someone relate to your song on a higher level? Making them feel like the tune talks about their story or personal experiences. Everyone loves a good story. Don’t be afraid to tell yours.

See, for example, Tate McRae talking about the story behind her song “She’s all I wanna be”

2. The creative process

That last piece of advice was more focused on the general public but if there are a lot of musicians in your audience, you might also want to talk about production or your songwriting experience for this song. How long did it take you to finish it from the first draft to the master? Did you change the production style? Did you make any changes to the song structure?

If you prefer it, you could also stream the creation process, as for example, Jacob Collier does in this video. There are many artists that use platforms like Twitch and set up daily songwriting sessions on stream.


3. Interesting visuals or video

A good music video that evokes all the feelings that you poured into your song could help the listener to immerse themselves in the experience. There are some tracks that don’t particularly resonate with people until they get the full visual and audio experience. Videos will also help you to create your visual brand as an artist.

Check out Rosalias’ video for Malamente. It was the first chapter of her album ” El Mal Querer” where she introduced herself and her new visual identity.


4. Gamify / Instagram filters

If you want your music experience to be interactive, you could also create apps, games, or app filters for your next release. Check out Ava Max’s IG filters as an example.



These were just some tips. If you want more resources, make sure to check out our blog every week! You can also follow us on Instagram where we usually share tips daily.

Take care! 🐵

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