Dreaming Of The Sun – Sandra Iris reflects on her new single

Dreaming Of The Sun – Sandra Iris reflects on her new single
23rd March 2023 sandra
Dreaming Of The Sun Sandra Iris

To celebrate her new release, we asked Sandra Iris to write about her new single “Dreaming Of The Sun”. Here’s the result:

“Dreaming Of The Sun” is a fictional story inspired as a continuation of my song “Spaceship”.

The first song tells the story of two lovers that travel through time and space to meet each other, giving this mundane encounter a new sense by making it something bigger. They also trace their journey drawing different constellations. 

This first part of the story features an uplifting synthpop sound that represents their cheerful attitude toward this new future together.


This second part continues the story when they arrive at their destination but it’s not as beautiful as they thought it would be. That territory of the planet that seemed exotic and new has become something mundane. What are you going to do on a whole new territory if you don’t care about building a home and more than that…a new civilization? 

Since the legacy that they wanted to map on the stars is now empty, starting a new generation will be hard if they don’t take the time to build their new life together. They’re pioneers in this new place and, as pioneers, they have the responsibility of starting a new path. It’s up to them what to make of it.


In a more straightforward sense, the overall topic of the song speaks about the sensation of falling out of love with someone but seeing sparks of the old relationship in the present. They secretly wish that everything was different. They secretly dream of the sun. To represent the contradiction between their internal desires and their external cold attitude toward each other, the instrumental has a warm and bossa nova pop vibe that contrasts with the lyrics. 


Will they live looking at the ashes or will they care enough to build a new fire out of that remaining spark?


Dreaming Of The Sun Sandra Iris


You can listen now to “Dreaming Of The Sun” on every streaming platform.

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