Music from the core of the human experience – a Chris Wills Banana Interview

Music from the core of the human experience – a Chris Wills Banana Interview
23rd September 2021 sandra
banana interview with chris wills

Your music remains uplifting but some of your lyrics are sad or treat more problematic moments. Is that a purposeful artistic choice? What’s the meaning behind that?

I love getting to the core and heart of the human experience! Getting back to the things that make us, us. Plus I love, love, love a great pop song. But I think it’s a subconscious thing as I try not to think about it too much. When a song is coming through there’s no internal dialog going on. I sort of try to interpret it myself after the fact, kind of like you!

In your artworks you use an 80’s aesthetic, do you think that this is aesthetic also influenced your music?

I’ve been changing it up on these newer releases like “All American” and the ones to come after! I try not to overthink it again, I just feel when design, clothes, and color palettes feel right and go for it. But the songs lead the way.

the weekend cover art by chris wills

“All American” is about idealizing a relationship and how everything looks better on the outside. Do you also have this feeling about being a musician?

Yeah, we’re all human. Getting lost in fantasies and wanting is something we all probably go through. I suppose as adults we also think about, “What if I were a banker or a scientist…” Or insert whatever it may be at times. But as far as being a music man, it’s its own reward. Words can’t express how wonderful it is to get to convene with it and create songs! So I just ride out any highs and lows and try to be thankful.

You did a collaboration with Doe Paoro, what motivates you to do collabs? Are you planning anything soon?

Man, I love collabs. Doe Paoro is great! I’m doing one with Jim Bianco for Sugaroo Records soon and I have one with my friend Cole who goes by the artist name “Greg.” It’s just nice connecting with people and creating something new that if we individually created, would be different. I plan on doing more.

🎧 If you were a type of…fruit

The orange is the perfect fruit. It’s a full-on sensory experience. The color is magnificent, the smell is remarkable, it comes in a biodegradable package, they are like nature’s pierogies. You bite into this crisp juicy citrus blast and all is well. Refreshing. Plus you have to work for it when you peel it and you get a little messy. It’s a great first accomplishment to start your day within the morning.

🎧 What is your favorite book?

‘Island’ by Aldous Huxley. Last book he wrote before he moved on from this physical realm. He got really into enlightenment and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Island book cover

The celebrity that confirmed your sexuality the first time ever

I’ve always had a hard time indulging in fantasies so I’ve never really had one but when I was in high school… here’s a hint. The album came out in 2011 and the album title sounds like ‘Drange Percy.’ Think all the Indiemono fans know who I’m talking about.

The smartest thing you’ve ever done

Bitcoin baby! Just kidding. Move to LA 😉

Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now.

New artist named “Greg” (Dropping debut soon. It’s amazing) Rett Madison, Louie Louie! , Runner, Worn-Tin

Anything you want to add before we finish?

Yo! Indiemono makes the best playlists. You guys really curate some great upcoming artists and the world needs people like you. Thanks for the support guys and thanks for having me on!

Thanks a lot for being part of our banana family! Go stream some Chris Wills music!

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