Changing diapers during the day and hitting the studio at night – a Xcelencia interview

Changing diapers during the day and hitting the studio at night – a Xcelencia interview
14th October 2021 sandra
Xcelencia banana interview

Here we are another thursday with a new guest in our Banana Interview: Xcelencia.

When did you decide that you wanted to devote yourself to music?

At a very young age, around middle school I started writing lyrics, by high school I was producing my own beats and I began recording ideas, I left high school to pursue my dreams! don’t try that at home!

You’re a clear example of being a father and artist at the same time. How do you deal with both sides on your day-to-day?

I was changing diapers during the day and hitting the studio at night, It’s not easy but I love what I do, so I see it as an opportunity to bring something new and exciting into the world.

Will we see Xcelencia collaborating with other artists in the near future? if the answer is yes, with who? (if it’s not a secret)

Yes! yes! yes! we got a few secrets in line so I don’t want to spoil it and we are also collaborating with other producers and DJs as well.

What cannot be missed, in terms of production, in a good reggaeton mix?

Sound selection is important, a great mix with a focus on drums and a great balance with the bass. Sonically the sound should appeal and be easy on the ears.

You’ve developed your own artist cryptocurrency – The X. What was the trigger to start with the project? Are you exploring new possibilities with it?

$EQUIS powers my digital fan club through Discord and a private group on WhatsApp, it’s essentially a membership into everything Xcelencia with some exclusive content and perks that you might not find on social media! Fans can earn $EQUIS by supporting my music on social media and can also give me ideas for my next collaborations, video wardrobe or what songs I should drop next.



Who chooses the music when you host a party? When will we see Xcelencia over the stage again?
I control the playlists! but I accept requests…for free haha…2022 is where I will return to the stage in a big big way and I can’t wait for the world to see what I am capable of.

🎧 If you were an animal…?

WOLF! – they are independent yet can work well in packs! they also represent loyalty, protection, and curiosity

xcelencia's single

This makes sense now.


🎧 Musical guilty pleasure

the poppiest shit ever lol but it has to be incredible!

🎧 Send us one picture as a kid

Xcelencia as a kid

Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now.


Anything you want to add before we finish?

Indiemono is the best.

Thanks a lot for being part of our banana family! Go stream some Xcelencia music!

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