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  • Dec222021
    Best of 2021 Indie Alternative

    Best of 2021: Indie/Alternative songs. Top 10.

    2021 was an amazing year regarding music. We’ve created a playlist with the best indie/alternative 100 tracks. Do not miss…

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  • Dec172021

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 12WK3

    🐵 We hope you’re having an amazing winter! slow down, take a deep breath and take a moment to listen…

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  • Dec062021
    Indie Alternative 2021 December

    NEW Indie/Alternative: December 2021 by Indiemono🍁

    It’s already December! This year has gone so quickly 😭 anyway, we’re happy because it means that it’s christmas again…

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  • Dec032021

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 12WK1

    🐵 Winter is finally here, it’s already Xmas (we don’t care if it’s the first week of December yet because…

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  • Nov262021
    weekly digest indiemono

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK4

    🐵 Happy thanksgiving btw. We hope you had fun and listened to good music, as always! Here we have some…

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  • Nov192021
    Weekly Digest Indiemono

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK3

    🐵 We’re coming back this week with a lot of news and music! Find our previous weekly digest here: The…

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  • Nov122021
    Honey Blossom

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK2

    🐵 We’re coming back this week with a lot of new music!  Find our previous weekly digest here: And remember…

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  • Nov052021
    weekly johnning

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 11WK1

    🐵 Hello! November is here…we’re arctic monkeys right now. ba dum tss Find our previous weekly digest here: And if…

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  • Nov022021
    Indie Alternative November 2021

    NEW Indie/Alternative: November 2021 by Indiemono🍁

    Welcome to our November selection. These are our favorite indie/alternative tracks. Do you want to listen to the whole playlist?…

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  • Oct292021
    halloween indiemono

    Indiemono Weekly Digest 10WK5

    🐵 Hola monitos, we’re really excited, Halloween is here! Find our previous weekly digest here: One month left for our…

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