Love songs submissions contest ❤️

Love songs submissions contest ❤️
28th October 2022 sandra

💛 CONTEST: Valentine’s Day Compilation, join us with love covers! – CONTEST CLOSED

We’re creating a compilation album for Valentine’s Day 2023 and we need your help!

Last year, we had a blast listening to all the creative covers of love songs from the artists that submitted for our Love 2.0 Compilation that we couldn’t help ourselves from launching a second round of this friendly compilation competition. But this time, we’ll be releasing not one but two separate Valentine’s Day compilations: Falling in Love Songs and Falling out of Love Songs.

We’ll be selecting submitted covers of classic love or breakup songs from various artists for these compilations. In return for your creativity and hardwork, the Indiemono Team will take care of all the album artwork and promotion leading up to the release of the compilations.

To be crystal clear, we are looking for covers — no original songs will be accepted. If you need some inspiration to find the love song you’d like to cover, check out the Falling In Love and Falling Out Of Love playlists.

Competition Details

  • Your cover song must be unreleased. This means not published on any service or shared in public forums.
  • It needs to be a cover. No original songs plz!
  • Creativity is key. We’d much prefer you to take creative liberties than to replicate the original artist’s style. 
  • Any number of collaborators on the song is accepted. It can be solo, band, or collaboration of artists/collective.
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 21st, 23:59 PM CEST.
  • The track’s main language should be English. We’re also open to other language mixes, but English must be part of the song.
  • Instrumental music and hard genre entries (thrash metal, growl, hardcore, etc) are very discouraged. 
  • Submit as many entries as you’d like! 

Submitting your song

  • Send us an Audio file that is ready (or super super close to ready) for distribution.
  • Send us the file through Dropbox, Drive, or whatever permanent link with public permissions.
  • No cover art is needed. We’ll take care of the album art!
  •  However, if you want to release your cover as a single before the compilation release, you will need to create your own cover.
  • Everything we need is displayed in the form below. Just fill it up before the deadline.
The prize!
  1. Of all the entries, our team will select an undefined number of songs as the winners.
  2. As we did with love. , we’ll be distributing the song on all DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc).
  3. Indiemono will take care of promo and album art related to the release of the compilation.
  4. We will hold an agreement for 5 years after the song is released.
  5. You will be part of our pool of artists and will have the option to release more music with us.
  6. Winners announced by December 23rd. 
  7. The compilation will be released in early February 2023 for Valentine’s Day.
What am I agreeing at by filling this form?
  1. Only the Indiemono Team will hear songs submitted through this form. 
  2. By submitting, you are not granting Indiemono permission for distribution or publishing rights of any kind.
  3. In the event that your entry wins the contest, we will reach out to negotiate terms with you. 
  4. If your song is not selected, Indiemono will not hold rights over it in any way possible and will not publish it. 

♡ Love Contest 2023 official submission form

Keep an eye for future seasonal events soon! 🙂

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