Music Marketing Tips

  • Jul132022

    How can Chartmetric be helpful for musicians?

    What is Chartmetric? Chartmetric is the music industry’s leading platform for music stats, helping artists and music professionals advance their careers…

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  • May202022
    Apps for musicians part 2

    Useful apps for musicians part 2

    We’ve collected a list of apps and tools that could help you as a musician or producer. Check out part…

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  • May182022
    musicians by indiemono

    How to provide (even more) value to your music as a musician

    Music is our passion, right? And sometimes we think that it’s all that matters. Yes, of course, it is! But…

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  • May102022

    Useful apps for musicians

    We have collected a list of mobile apps for musicians: from songwriting to production and habit trackers. Inspiration can occur…

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  • Apr272022
    spotify for artists indiemono

    Tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist

    Here’s a quick collection of tips to boost your streams on Spotify as an artist and maybe get an editorial…

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  • Apr222022

    Songs about the earth – Earth day 🌱

    Today is International Earth Day and we want to celebrate it with music, as always. On this occasion, we are…

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  • Apr212022

    3 Social Media Usages For Musicians

    Social Media has three main usages for musicians. If you want to build and maintain an online audience, you need…

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  • Apr112022

    Youtube for musicians by Adriel Rivera

    We have invited Adriel Rivera to talk about how Youtube works for musicians and how to increase your chances of…

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  • Mar312022

    Tips on how to build discipline as a musician

    We’ve all have been there: You feel bad because you didn’t practice or you didn’t start creating new songs but…

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  • Mar162022

    Impostor syndrome on musicians

    What is impostor syndrome? Do you constantly feel like you’re not good enough? Do you think that other musicians have…

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