Music Marketing Tips

  • Oct182021
    Flywheel marketing

    Attract, Engage & Delight: The flywheel for musicians

    Music Marketing tool: The Flywheel for musicians We are sure that you’ve heard about the Conversion Funnel in marketing, which…

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  • Oct072021
    Playlists editoriales

    How do editorial Spotify playlists work?

    In our last blog, we talked about the different types of playlists and how to submit to each one of…

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  • Oct062021

    Why do artists create playlists? Playlists as a marketing tool

    Haven’t you noticed that now your favorite artists create playlists based on their entire discography or in their inspirations? That’s…

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  • Oct042021
    bot looking at camera

    How to know if a playlist is ruled by bots?

    How do we spot a fake playlist? how do we know if the playlist we just got added to is…

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  • Sep282021

    The magic of storytelling for musicians

    Storytelling for musicians is one of the most important branding techniques. Musicians are known for creating lyrics and stories…but how…

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  • Sep272021
    Autumn Leaves

    The best 10 songs for autumn 🍁

    It’s already fall! 2021 has gone so fast and we’re ready to roll ourselves in our blankets. Here you have…

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