Best Indie Halloween Songs 👻

Best Indie Halloween Songs 👻
23rd October 2021 sandra
Halloween Pumpkins

It’s Halloween again and we couldn’t be more excited! You know that we’re witches every day of our lives but this is also a special date for us. Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Between scary films and thematic horror stories we also couldn’t forget about music. If you want to listen to Halloween-themed songs but you’re sick of the same ones every other year, we are here to bring you the best indie Halloween songs.

If you think that your Halloween song matches our playlist, feel free to send it.

The Blues Remembers Everything The Country Forgot- Moor Mother

Enigmatic and dark trip-hop production mixed with melodic and hip hop vocals. The song is so experimental and intriguing that we think it’s the perfect choice as a representation of uncertainty for this night.

Are these your dreams of violent memories?
I have to wake from selectively
Now when your path can be redeemed
And there’s red everywhere I spy


I Died So I Could Hunt You-Stars

Stars take revenge to the next level and die so they can hunt their ex-lover.

Thousands of ghosts in the darkness
Lost in a strange neighborhood
The lights from the warm houses haunt them
They forgot what they lost but they know it was good

Walking in the dark-Metronomy

Experimental sounds and psychedelic textures in this track. The visuals are an acid trip.

Just holler if you need me
‘Cause I couldn’t stand the pain
Of seeing you hurt again, boy



“I’ll do whatever you say to me in the dark.” Codependence lyrics mixed with Daughter’s beautiful voice and an intimate guitar are the perfect juxtaposition of a warm mood with bittersweet feelings.

Just a young heart confusing my mind
But we’re both in silence
Wide-eyed, both in silence
Wide-eyed, like we’re in a crime scene

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness-The National

Matt’s highly recognizable voice blends perfectly with an experimental instrumental that includes synthesizers and even a guitar solo!

The system only dreams in total darkness
Why are you hiding from me?
We’re in a different kind of thing now
All night you’re talking to God


Sarcastic lyrics with an industrial-style production and the singer’s sweet yet scary voice make this track essential in our selection.

You say to me, I don’t talk enough, but when I do, I’m a fool
These times I’ve spent I’ve realized, I’m gonna shoot through and leave you

Kids In The Dark- Bat for Lashes

“The lyrics describe the nights they’re having together, where they’re just leaving the world behind and becoming little kids again. It’s a song about nestling and unfurling into something safe with somebody – even though these [vampires] are probably going to be coming soon to get her”

It’s been such a dark night
Boy, I know you’ve been grieving

Dead Alive- The Shins

Easy acoustic guitar with the incorporation of surreal textures and b-side movie horror special effects.

So tonight
Dance and cry
You’re dead alive

Season Of The Witch- Lana Del Rey

Lana could turn anything into a “darkness” anthem and this cover isn’t any different.

You’ve got to pick up every stitch (gonna be)
You’ve got to pick up every stitch (gonna be, gonna be)
Beatniks are out to make it rich
Oh no, must be the season of the witch


Did you like this selection? Then you can’t miss our playlist 👹 Happy Halloween!

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