Banana Interview: Meet Karen Dió, the Punkest Of Them All

Banana Interview: Meet Karen Dió, the Punkest Of Them All
20th October 2023 Elena
Banana Interview: Meet Karen Dió, the Punkest Of Them All

Karen Dió, a talented Brazilian musician and singer who just released her new single as a solo artist, “Sick Ride“. She portrays the challenges women face, especially when it comes to male mistreatment. After a three-year hiatus, this female empowerment anthem proves her ability to blend pop punk with punk rock.

Violet Soda‘s guitarist and vocalist is now taking further steps to become an all-round artist. Fasten seatbelts ’cause she’s already warned it’s sick.

Karen Dió, The Punkest Of Them All

Give us 5 emerging artists that you want to highlight for everyone to discover right now

What is your current favorite/guilty pleasure/go-to playlist? (no pressure, it doesn’t have to be Indiemono’s)

So Funny Mixtape by Karen Dió.

You started with your garage rock band “Violet Soda”. Who were your music references as a kid? When did you decide to step into the punk rock scene?

As a kid, I loved the Spice Girls so much! Mel C was a huge reference for me! I listened more to pop music when I was a kid. I started my career as a musician ages ago when I was 13 years old. My first band was called Bunny’s Freak, inspired by Blink 182.

Who are your biggest female references in this scene? Do you think that there’s enough female representation?

Brody Dalle and Kim Shattuck definitely! Oh yeah! There are thousands and thousands of female artists, unfortunately a huge part them are not on mainstream media though.

Right now you will be centered in your solo career. What are the differences in your sound as a band and in this new project?
Not very much difference, to be honest, I’m the songwriter for both projects. I feel that just maybe I’m in this new phase which is a bit more punk than garage…
You recorded your music video “Sick Ride” in a vertical format. Could you explain three reasons why social media could be advantageous for a musician and three reasons why it could be detrimental?
That’s a very good question and I will try to say everything as briefly as I can. Good things: Promote yourself without a budget, build your fanbase, and have close contact with your fans. Bad things: Haters, compare yourself to other artists, be a content creator, and not create songs.

If you were a type of… [fruit] what would you be? (feel free to elaborate haha)


What’s your favorite… [videogame]?

Crash Bandicoot.

We dare you to…[Send us a picture of you as a kid! (link!)]

Last one, your choice! [What song is 10/10, yet hardly anyone…]

In My Room” by Dinosaur Pile Up.

Anything you want to add before we finish?

Go check my songs and drink water kids!
Well, we fell in love too. Until the next Banana Interview!

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  1. RG Erwin 4 months ago

    Impressive. I would love to explore more Brazilian artists. C
    I was in the punk scene in the early 80’s and I am amazed That the DIY method is so popular now. Thumbs up and 10 stars to this amazing artist from Brazil. Blessings from Australia.

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