NEW Indie/Alternative: April 2022 by Indiemono 🍄

NEW Indie/Alternative: April 2022 by Indiemono 🍄
6th April 2022 sandra
new indie and alternative

We present you the monthly update of our playlist NEW Indie/Alternative: April 2022. You can find our indie/alternative playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

We want to thank you for submitting your music to us. Also, if you were not selected, don’t get discouraged! Art is just a matter of personal preferences ☺️

1. Coffee Mate – Bakers Eddy

“Coffee Mate” is part of Bakers Eddy’s debut album ” Love Boredom Bicycles” With its infectiously energetic pace, racing chords, and youthful vigor, Love Boredom Bicycles is bursting with irresistible nostalgia. “The whole record is supposed to sound like the life of the party,” explains Ciarann.

My fucking coffee’s gone cold mate
Yea my coffee’s gone cold and my hands are shaking
My coffee’s gone cold mate
And my dispositions kinda breaking

2. u don’t kno me – Yot Club

“u dont kno me” is the first single of Yot Club’s forthcoming debut album. The song is about outgrowing one’s environment. Kaiser moved from Mississippi to Nashville last year. “I feel I’m falling back / To where I was long ago,” he sings in the track.

I feel I’m falling back
To where I was long ago
Way on my own on the road again
Ooh-ooh, oh-oh, oh


3. It’s Random – Dora Jar

“Is about feeling aimless and adrift in the absurdity of life. I started writing it the first week of lockdown and finished it when the world turned on again. Mirroring these last couple of years – and themes on ‘comfortably in pain’ – ‘It’s Random’ “goes from calm and playful to harsh and anxious really fast.”

Now all I can do is live
I begin to wonder what the sky is
And all of my cloudy friends are flying high
Now all I can say is “Hey”

4. Disaster Girl – The Vaccines

The Vaccines released “Disaster Girl” as the second single off their upcoming EP Planet of the Youth. Justin Young explained to NME, that the song title was “inspired by seeing the NFT of the original ‘Disaster Girl’ meme sell for $500,000.” As he explains, this news story gave him kind of a post-apocalyptic sense of dread and realization about how people can be their own worst enemies.

You said I’m wasting all your time
It’s time you drew a line
K, whatever, fine

5. The Lightning I, II – Arcade Fire 

After all the negative reviews that their last album “Everything Now” received in 2017, the band is coming back with its new single “The Lightning I, II” which will be part of their upcoming album “WE” which will come out on May 6th. The single is being well received by their fans, who think that they are getting back to their original sound.

Waiting on the lightning
Waiting on the lightning
Waiting on the light, what will the light bring?


6. Reclaim! – Bakar

Reclaim! is one of the tracks of Bakar’s album “Nobody’s Home”. It’s not easy to classify his album as one genre because following the actual trend, he navigates many of them. On this track, we can hear Bakar’s desire on creating generational wealth. To be an immigrant is to seek something far greater beyond what your circumstances could provide for you.

Who do I call for a sacred soul?
Who do I want when the world don’t go?
Headin’ your way, might take your role
Heavy low flow, it’s a heavy low flow

7. Never Go Wrong – Nicky Youre & david hugo

With a catchy and uplifting sound, Nicky and David join forces for this summer anthem. Taking inspiration from Dominic Fike, Tai Verdes, Jeremy Zucker and more, Nicky centers his songwriting on creating catchy melodies.

David shares about the track “We starting talking about those ones in a *bAziLLiOn* scenarios where you meet someone and it immediately feels familiar, a la “I’ve seen this film before,” and Nicky adds, “So we wanted to capture that feeling somehow with a catchy chorus that feels as exciting and good as those relationships do.”

Something ’bout the sound of you is stuck in my head
I’m hopelessly romanticizing all that you said
Even though I see that I’m in too deep
I still gotta let you know that I

8. Pool – Still Woozy & Remi Wolf

Still Woozy and Remi Wolf are not only tour mates but also collaborators. Pool, their new single, talks about life’s unpredictability. They say that it’s one of the quickest songs that they have ever created. They wanted to be 100% honest about their feelings at that moment and they both poured their hearts out on this song.

I met my friend at the pool
She told me she was fucking up
But I wouldn’t call her anybody’s fool
We said goodbye




9. Boardwalk – Scoobert Doobert

“Some of my best memories are returning from tour, jetlagged to hell, buying some (legal) weed, and strolling the boardwalk with nothing much to do. That’s it. That’s the song”

I got a text saying
Got a negative balance
I mean of course
That’s pretty obvious


10. Stuck On Us – Claire Rosinkranz and Aidan Bissett

Claire Rosinkranz made her mark in 2020 with the independent release of “Backyard Boy”.  The song initially exploded on TikTok and went on to become a breakout viral hit, accumulating nearly one billion total streams. Now she has joined forces with Aidan, after his success with his self-produced singles (“Different,” “Worst Girls of All Time,” and “More Than Friends”) on this energetic single about hating yourself for loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate.


These are just the top 10 placements but you can always follow our playlist for monthly updates on the best new indie/alternative music!



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