Indiemono Weekly Digest 09WK3

Indiemono Weekly Digest 09WK3
17th September 2021 sandra
kiko mori new release

🐵 Hello monitos! This is the second week for our new section.
You can find the previous one, here.

Here are some of our Alternative New Music Friday favorite songs and some news of the week in the music industry that we found interesting.


Releases of the week

Passing time – Kiko Mori & Gaya

Kiko Mori is back with a new collaboration with Gaya, an indian-dutch singer-songwriter and music producer. The team created “Passing time” a relaxing and dreamy song about what it feels like to fall asleep and having good dreams and wishing to hold on to those sensations and feelings for a longer time. This could be our new escapist anthem. The song starts with the sound of cicadas and an acoustic guitar along with a soft lo-fi beat, on the second part. The song becomes more upbeat and an acoustic drum kit takes part.

+ From this release + Kiko Mori

🧡 Friday Crushes of the week

This is our playlist curated every Friday with love at first listen songs.
These are the tracks that made our hearts melt during this week.

Full Playlist here!

Interesting news of the week

Spotify's New Feature Allows You To Blend Playlists With Your Mates

Spotify’s new ‘Enhance’ feature will spruce up your playlists with recommended songs

See who won at the 2021 MTV VMAs

The ‘Enhance‘ feature will populate your playlists with music that is somehow chosen by Spotify. Are you eager to use the tool? Do you think there will be implications around the editorial selection that those algorithms will use? All and all, we appreciate the evolution of technology and, whatever makes us be more connected, we celebrate it. The world is more and more coming back to a new normal, where festivals, annual awards, and concerts are slowly looking like they did before the pandemic. We also celebrate that! Take good care of yourself and join us in getting ready for this new paradigm in the music industry.

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Catch you next Friday!

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