Top 5 New Indie Alternative Songs from October Playlist

Top 5 New Indie Alternative Songs from October Playlist
6th October 2023 Elena
Top 5 New Indie Alternative Songs: A Provocative October

One more month and one more batch of new indie alternative songs! As usual, we like to focus on our top 5 songs on Indiemono’s October playlist, knowing that you will of course have your preferences. You have plenty of space to comment below!

October is the month that marks a clear transition: clothes, work, relationships (no summer plans so get ready to upgrade), daylight, food, and music!

Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll love every single one, we can promise that it’s a new, interesting, and most definitely indie!

New Indie Alternative Vibes for October 2023


BETWEEN FRIENDS is an indie pop band formed by siblings Savannah and Brandon Hudson (Stop reading and call your sister or brother, please). The band released their debut EP titled we just need some time together (2018) which includes this song.

As soon as it starts, you’ll sense that dreamy and ethereal sound, so characteristic of their music style. However, this “dreamy” element is only the musical style. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you realize it’s not about a midnight booty call:

But I could like the surprise

If you sneak into mine in the middle of night

Well you say you’re friends with me

I say, “Ha!”

The narrator is clearly torn between fear and flattery about having a (yep, you guessed it) stalker.

You say you’re coming after me now

I don’t wanna wake up

You say you’re coming after me

I don’t care that you’ve been following

Well, if you come to think of it, how many songs touch the themes of love and obsession, and the blurry lines in between?

“Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (a clear catch!) who shares his talent within the indie folk and indie rock domains. His deep and emotional songwriting features themes of personal growth, spirituality, and Americana.

One of his most acclaimed albums is Illinois (2005), aka Sufjan Stevens Invites You to: Come On Feel the Illinoise. This ambitious plan meant creating one album for each of the 50 U.S. states.

Although he has not completed this project yet, he’s been busy releasing acclaimed works such as  Carrie & Lowell (2015) or Javelin (2023), which includes this track.

Get ready for an intensity of emotions:

Will anybody ever love me? (Love me)

For good reasons

Without grievance, not for sport (Not for sport)

Will anybody ever love me? (Love me)

In every season

Pledge allegiance to my heart (To my heart)

For this young songwriter, each word is like a brush stroke: here’s meaning and purpose to each that only makes sense when it all comes together.

“Nothing Works” by Declan McKenna

Yes, we like this guy and he’ll continue to be a regular in our picks. Declan McKenna is known not only for his indie rock and pop style but for his thoughtful and socially conscious songwriting. His latest release, the track mentioned here, is no less than that:

Whеn I sing the song and you didn’t like the vеrse

I try to fix myself but nothing works

I sing the song and you didn’t like the words

I try to fix myself but nothing


However, unlike previous songwriting, it seems he’s leaving interpretation to the listener/reader. In other words, he’s not telling us what to feel, he gives us the pieces of the puzzle, leaving the rest up to us.

It’s no surprise that he’s seen by many as the voice of this generation as he continues to perfect the art of capturing the essence and mood of the era through music.

“Find My Way Around” by Cassia

British indie band Cassia is known for its upbeat and summery sound. Although we know we’re further away from summer, by the second, it might help to include a catchy melody to the beat of indie rock and tropical influences.

This new indie alternative song, their latest release, is one of their popular tracks for its feel-good vibe, and being clearly infectious. The signature joyful style make it so much easier to digest the themes of change and uncertainty lyrics:

Shivering into the night keeping up a common kind of life

I’m waiting for, well, I’m waiting for

Waiting for a warning sign ’cause all these burning hazard lights

Are drawing close, are drawing close

The amazing thing about this song is that every time you listen to it, it’s like starting again. A new beginning every time. And we love that.

“Century City” by Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves, born Alejandro Rose-Garcia, is an American musician and singer-songwriter who has gained momentum with his unique blend of folk, rock, and blues. He’s accompanied by his distinctive one-man-band setup, which includes playing the guitar and percussion simultaneously. Just one is mind-blowing for us.

This song is a reflection of the contrast between glamorous expectations and banal reality, as Century City was meant to be a movie lot and ended up being a space for a parking lot and office buildings:

I must admit I never got no pleasure

Forget the tinsel of old Hollywood

I’m just a man in search of some answers

And things are looking mighty mighty mighty mighty good

Down in

Century City

It’s included in his latest album, Movie of the Week (2023), which he actually started working on back in 2018 as a completely distinct project: a soundtrack for his friends who were working on a movie. He abandoned this project after both parties felt his artistic vision and movie interests didn’t really match.

This track adds a bluesy and soulful vibe to the playlist, and we think October is also a great time for folk. ‘Cause, why not?

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