The Best Valentine’s Day Playlist

The Best Valentine’s Day Playlist
1st February 2023 Elena
Best Valentine's Day Playlist

If you’ve ever wondered “What’s the purpose of love songs”, then you’re probably getting ready for Valentine’s Day, or better yet, you’re trying to create the ultimate Valentine’s day playlist for him, for her, or for you!

Before giving you our very own love playlists, we’d like to share a few tips on what makes a truly romantic music playlist. Who knows? You might be ready to create one for that special someone.

What is the purpose of a playlist?

Well, in this case, the question is “What is the purpose of a romantic playlist?”. Although the answer may seem very blunt and straightforward, it’s a bit more complicated. If you’ve ever wondered what ingredients make the best playlist, here are a few pointers to get you started.

How to create the perfect music playlist

Although we know it’s all about love right now, these tips can help you create any kind of music playlist. Listen carefully…

Keep it fresh n’ varied

Yes, by this point your Spotify playlist or music library is full of songs. But here’s some inside scoop… there is always more to be discovered! Try setting up a time of day to specifically look for new music around you. And, don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be new for the industry, but new to you!

Variation is also key if you want to end up with a captivating and catchy playlist. By varied we mean different artists, genres, instruments, melodies, beats, etc. In this case, simply make sure that they all get you in the mood for love…or ease you out of it.

Make sure it has a theme

Need we say more? At the end, we give you a Spotify love playlist for both sides of love: the butterflies and the moths (sorry, too soon?). Well, the idea is that having a theme gives cohesion to the song list and, more importantly, it helps you with the song selection.

Aim for 30+ songs

Why? It’s hard to get in the mood of anything if it’s any less, that simple. This will allow you to check the box of all tips we’ve given you so far: varied playlist, with a theme, etc.

For example, both Indiemono’s Valentine’s Day playlists go beyond 70 songs. This gives listeners time to fully dive into the music and embark on the wonderful and intense journey that is love (Sigh…).

Keep it legit

And we don’t mean it in the “cool” sense, we mean it in the literal sense. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) you won’t be able to include more than 4 songs by the same artist and no more than 3 of these songs in a row within a 3 hour period.

But think about it this way, the last thing you want is for your romantic playlist to be repetitive or predictable, right?

To top it off, if you love the listener, then you’ll probably know some of their favourite songs. Make sure to include some of those as well!

So, is making a playlist for someone romantic?

Yes! A thousand times, yes! But like any relationship, you want to keep that fire alive. How? Share songs that are new, ground-breaking, etc., to sum up, don’t be a cliché in love, please. Since we know you’re busy, or overloaded with songs on Spotify, we’ve curated the best valentine’s playlist so you can share with your crush, partner, friend, dog (?)… Your choice!

The best Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify

It’s that time of the year again and at Indiemono we live and breathe music. Last year we created special music playlists that gave you the best oldies for Valentine’s Day. This year, we want to go indie all the way and give you something new and fresh whether you’re falling in or out of love.

Are you falling in love?

We’ve all been here. Whether you’re on the good or bad side of love, with this love songs playlist we want to give you those “butterflies-in-stomach” or “can’t-stop-giggling” feels.

The “Falling in love, songs” will give you many reasons to keep falling. You’ll start by feeling the intensity of love with Arcade Fire’s “Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)” which will soon have you voicing the lyrics:

“You change all the lead
Sleeping in my head
As the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn”

A serious roller coaster of emotions that’ll lead up to the love-thirsty Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps” that concludes how we all feel about our love:

“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you
Wait, they don’t love you like I love you”

Dying to start your Valentine’s journey, right? Well, the soundtrack is ready.

Are you falling out of love?

We’ve all been here too! Any great artist will confess that the best songs are about broken hearts. Well, there’s a reason why Carrie Fisher once said “Take your broken heart, make it into art.” We’ve taken all the broken-hearted artists to ease you out of the less desirable part of love.

This time, our “Falling out of love, songs” playlist also opens with Arcade Fire but this time it’s “Afterlife” asks a question that we can only find the answer to:

“But you say
When love is gone
Where does it go?”

The 74th song closes with Half Moon Run’s “Full Circle” and a hopeful note, at the end of the day, claiming that:

“Cap off kneeling at the back of the church,
Feeling water on your brow, if it’s healing it hurts”

We know, love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies; but, that’s why we keep coming back to this feeling. We just hope our Valentine’s day playlist can remind you about this, whichever the love mood.

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