Placements in Spotify Playlists. Indiemono Not Recommended Practices

Placements in Spotify Playlists. Indiemono Not Recommended Practices
31st January 2019 Dam

This might be uncomfortable. Here’s the thing.

We’ve been receiving notice about people having offers of paid placements in Spotify in our name. As this is a serious issue, we want to address all those cases by having a visible place to spread awareness of this terrible hustle. Here’re some things that you must take into account to avoid this practice. 


1. Always check the source for official emails.

The first thing that must be a no is receiving offers from people with non-official emails. This means finding the brand name in the address. If you’re talking with an official staff member you’ll find at the end of the email address. We never make deals or extend contracts through facebook, instagram or twitter, so that might help you understand if the person you’re talking with is Indiemono or a hustler.

2. This practices are not legal under Spotify Terms & Conditions

We never sell placements. Period.
The worst thing that happens on Spotify right now is bands and artists being told they’ll have a place in playlists by paying a fee. Be careful as working with bot factories or people that use this practice as common can affect your visibility on the streaming networks as well.

If you want to be visible, there are campaigns you can contract where your music will meet organic audiences. Check out the sources you’re contracting though; you don’t want to end up blowing up your numbers with bots as that will kill your performance in the long run.


3. Always report the accidents to us and we’ll give visibility to your claim.

If you know what we’re talking about, send us an email and we’ll try to help you out.


4. Our partners and friends don’t do this.

We don’t mix up with partners who have practices involving money x placements. We have a very healthy network that works with us every day to achieve a better view for the music industry. We’ve got to give value to music again, and we work hard every day to do so.

If you have a place where people gather that shares our view, visit our Partner page and send us a request for a partnership with us.

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Thanks a lot for helping us building a world where the music and musicians are respected.