NEW Indie/Alternative: November 2021 by Indiemono🍁

NEW Indie/Alternative: November 2021 by Indiemono🍁
2nd November 2021 sandra
Indie Alternative November 2021

Welcome to our November selection. These are our favorite indie/alternative tracks. Do you want to listen to the whole playlist? You can find it on Spotify and Apple Music.

1. HEADSTART- Ritt Momney

Ritt makes a powerful reflection about how love can also mean power and mind games. The lyrics on this one are remarkable and even if they meditate on a harsh reality, the delicate and even a bit trippy melody and production make these powerful words sound soothing and liberating.

Because Love’s got an evil twin sister named Power
Who sticks by her side everywhere that she goes
You give somebody one, then you give them the other
So please understand if I’d rather keep both


2. Complicated- Winston Surfshirt (feat Young Franco)

If you’re a fan of groovy and catchy songs, you’re gonna enjoy this one.  This tune is a mix of funky, disco, and hip hop that won’t let you be indifferent. The playful lyrics will make you want to get up and dance with someone. You don’t have anyone? don’t worry. We’re here for you, in the distance, though.

I like the beat that you’re dancing to, & I wanna know how it sounds,
Of all the things I’m asking you, I only want you around.


3.- ARE YOU LETTING GO? Dreamer Boy and BENEE

“With this song, I wanted to express that unfamiliar and bewildering place of love, of not knowing, and the uncertainty of how the other person is feeling.” “This is a song that I really wanted to have BENEE appear on because it shows that there is someone else and she gives the other side of the story in some ways,”

Keep me warm again
I’m better within than without
But I gotta know
Are you letting go?

4. The Hardest Cut – Spoon

If you’re more into rock, here we have more of a classic rock sound with a hint of an eerie style. This song was the first one written by Daniel and was inspired by ZZ Top.

We live on a knife
Here it come now, here it come now
Here it is, the hardest cut

5. Tiptoeing- Hope Tala

Hope Tala infects us with a modern bossa nova groove and playful melodies while reminding us how exciting is to flirt with a friend when you both don’t know if the feelings are mutual.

How you gonna make me do this dance again
We’re getting closer but we’re trying to be friends
If we start it might never end
So we keep tiptoeing

6. Flower In The Dark- Fiji Blue

Fiji Blue surprises us with a more fast-paced song than we usually hear from them. We’re not disappointed though!

And I don’t think I could wait
And there’s nothing you could say
That would keep me from the stars
Yeah, I think I need a place
With someone to escape
Like a flower in the dark

7. Street You Live On – Remi Wolf

Remi keeps surprising us with her psychedelia, Street You Live on is part of her acclaimed CD “Juno”.  This is the final track, it sounds dynamic and powerful and we also love her vocal playfulness when she adds background vocals with kids chanting style.

I’m a feral cat, I’m licking up the milk at your door
A serial farmer
I’m harvesting the drama

8. Chapstick-COIN

We continue with the funky vibe! Here COIN combines a groovy bassline with a tongue-in-cheek melody and lyrics. We can’t stop dancing right now.

She’s a friend of mine, and an apple pie
And a sharpshooter, I’m in overtime like
Hey sharpshooter, I feel like I’m intrudin’

9. Charlie’s Car- Lauren Hibberd

“I think everyone has a ‘Charlie’ in their life. It’s ironic that this totally unreasonable behaviour is something I find myself thirsty for. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? This track is definitely just a down spiralling array of unhealthy events that I find myself (as always) coating in infamous comedy.”

10. BULLSEYE- Paris Texas

If you want something more alternative and surprising, Paris Texas might be what you’re looking for. With their eclectic style, we wouldn’t be able to tag this as any particular genre and that’s the best thing of all.

I’m not gon’ fake the story
Most people flip the script
I’m not gon’ say I’m sorry
I don’t give a fuck ’bout forgiveness


These are just the top 10 placements but the rest of our selection is waiting for you in your favorite streaming service.


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