New Indie Alternative Vibes to Face September

New Indie Alternative Vibes to Face September
5th September 2023 Elena
New indie alternative september

It’s that time of the year again! Where we preserve enough tan to hold us for a few more weeks; where we go back to work or school thinking, “It’s not that bad,” “I’m full of energy,” etc. Deep down, what we’re really thinking is, “I want to listen to music while I do nothing.” Well, that’s not something we can do, but we can give you new indie alternative vibes to face September and that background music you’ll need for your day-to-day.

On this New Indie Alternative September playlist, you’ll find new fresh sounds, beats, lyrics, melodies, and talent that can only be found in this beautiful indie music scene. Hit it.

New Indie Alternative Songs

As always, we’ll include our monthly Indiemono playlist but, if you want, you can delve a bit deeper by exploring these 6 new indie alternative songs with us.

“Make Up Your Mind” by Cordae

Although you wouldn’t immediately link Cordae Dunston, aka Cordae, to the indie scene – he’s been signed to major record labels such as Atlantic Records and Art@War – we love adding a bit of hip-hop flavor and rap to our indie alternative vibes. Especially considering that, unlike his peers, the type of torment he focuses on is adolescent crushes and not so much on drugs.

Since his debut album The Lost Boy (2019) Cordae has kept experimenting with his sounds and lyrics, reaching new levels of creativity and originality. Our choice for the playlist is his latest release and we can assure you it’ll soothe your post-summer sadness:

I said she love me (love me)

She love me not (huh)

But she don’t got not damn clue about what she wants

Bitch make up your mind (make up your mind)

Figure it out (figure it out)

Hey, hey, hey, figure it out

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Paranoid” by The Beaches

Just by reading the song title, you know you’re about to listen to something different. And that’s exactly what you get every time with The Beaches, a Canadian rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario.

They are known for their energetic and catchy rock music that mixes garage rock, indie rock, and pop rock. They gained popularity in Canada and internationally for their dynamic live performances and memorable songs, including “Blame Brett,” “T-Shirt,” or “Want What You Got“.

This new release adds that moodiness in anticipation to their soon-to-be-released album Blame My Ex:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you paranoid

What doesn’t kill you, makes you feel like your love ain’t shit

Ran up my minutes on my inner voice

She loves to bring up all my issues, God, she’s the bitch


“waiting” by Arny Margaret

Árný Margrét Sævarsdóttir, aka Árný Margrét, is an Icelandic musician. Since her debut album they only talk about the weather (October 2022). She’s kept captivating the audience through her emotive music filled with soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics. This is her latest single, which will be included in her forthcoming EP dinner alone (to be released on September 22nd):

Waiting for a moment

that never came

to tell you the things I wanted to say

but words always come to me afterwards

when nobody cares but I still feel hurt

In her own words, “The song is about always feeling like you’re waiting for someone or a moment to say something, but the person doesn’t really see or give you the time.” Wow, it definitely feels like a September song.

“Celebrity Lookalikes” by slimdam

Danny Silberstein, mostly known as slimdan, is one of those artists who wears multiple hats: singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He co-wrote “Older” (2018) with Sasha Sloan.

He’s collaborated with well-known artists including Mike Elizondo, Joe London, and Ethan Gruska, among others. His latest single is just one more example of this rule and ground-breaking artist. And he continues to make space for himself as the leading artist:

I didn’t know it’d feel good, I didn’t know it’d be sweet

I didn’t even get high, I think I might’ve found peace

Wasn’t in the sunrise or out on Sorrento Beach

It was looking at you just looking at me

“Novocaine” by The Band CAMINO

The band CAMINO is an American indie rock band that gained popularity for their catchy melodies and emotional lyrics. Known for “Daphne Blue,” “Honest,” and “My Thoughts on You,” where they often explore themes of love, relationships, and personal growth.

This song is part of the latest album The Dark (2023), where they’ve tried to change their usual narrative. All tracks have a spark of willingness to release someone who isn’t fit for you and admit that they may have been the problem in the end:

I think I might’ve messed up

Last night, I talked about my past

Somehow, you make me stay stuff

That I never have

I’m in new territory

Somehow, it kinda feels like home

Well, we think it’s a great way to wrap the essence of this new indie alternative playlist. At the end of the day, September may not be the issue and it’s more about how you’re facing it, so press play a many times as you need to.

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