Marching to the Beat of a New Indie Alternative Playlist

Marching to the Beat of a New Indie Alternative Playlist
10th March 2024 Elena
Marching to the Beat of a New Indie Alternative Playlist

We invite you on our monthly trip to a vibrant landscape of new indie alternative tracks! Each one tells a story, evokes emotions, and invites introspection. From the empowering melodies of girl in red to the dreamy introspection of fanclubwallet every song offers a glimpse into the artists’ unique perspectives and creative expressions.

Get ready to march to the beat of the new indie alternative scene, where authenticity reigns supreme, and music becomes a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and connection.

Marching to New Indie Alternative

In this eclectic mix, we explore 5 of the latest releases from diverse artists who dare to challenge conventions and bare their souls through their new indie alternative beats.

“Too Much” by girl in red

girl in red, born Marie Ulven, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who shares this lead single from her soon to be released album, I’m Doing It Again Baby!.

Through empowering lyrics, you’ll notice how she explores love, longing, and vulnerability, and the complexity of emotions that inevitably go along with being in love or in relationship (which sadly don’t always go together):

Don’t you just love to kill the light in my eyes, to make me low when I’m high?

Oh, whoa, oh (it’s just a-, it’s just a-)

“It’s just a joke”

You always say afterwards

Still, my feelings get hurt

Oh, whoa, oh

There’s always a deeper layer of meaning in songs, and this one has been shared in a recent interview by the songwriter herself: “I’ve always been told I’m too much. Throughout my whole childhood and in my adult years. Getting shut down when I’m at my happiest or most excited made me feel self-conscious, alienated, and weird.”

That’s the power of music; insecurity can soon become your superpower.

“Foam” by Royel Otis

Royel Otis is an Australian guitar-pop duo from Sydney and was founded in 2019 by Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic. Their musical journey includes the release of three EPs and, more recently, their debut studio album, Pratts & Pain (February 2024).

“Foam” is the third track of this album which continues to show the evolution of these two young artists who began making music in the studio as relative strangers. Relative because they were joined by their fondness of the Alessi Brothers‘ song “Seabird.”

Although these lyrics may seem harsh at first, they represent their approach to music: “Every time we get in a studio, we like to throw out all of our wild ideas. It can be kind of […] vulnerable” (Williams, NME):

Slow down

And keep my name out your mouth

I could burn your love to the ground

Just to hear the sound

Of your crying

Vulnerable or not, it’s pure and raw emotion placed out there.

“act your age” by Two Another

Two Another is a musical duo (Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter) known for their soulful blend of R&B, electronic, and pop elements. This track reflects a rhythmic fusion of soul, R&B, and electronic elements that capture the essence of youth and self-discovery.

A combination of smooth vocals and infectious groove that will make you defy any social norm:

Yeah you should act your age

Time to buckle up

Stop trying to chase that fame

You’re stabbing in the dark

Are you with it?

Let’s stay scripted

Are you gonna make me proud?

Contrary to what it may seem, it’s actually a celebration of youthfulness and the freedom to express oneself without inhibition. Live in the moment, dance to whatever you choose, and never apologize for being who you are.

“Stupid Yesterday” by rainbow frog biscuits

If the track’s title grabbed your attention, you won’t be disappointed by the artist’s name either, rainbow frog biscuits, aka Amber Louise. At the tender age of 10, she confesses to having been immersed in songwriting and music production, which she has used as a form of self-expression, like a diary or journal (Home, rainbowfrogbiscuits).

Fast-forward to adulthood, this freckled inspiration, writes songs to inspire others in their own personal or professional endeavors:

I’m too small for her to see

But in my mind we work perfectly

Oh, won’t you kindly look my way?

You really must believe me when I sa

“I never really believed in the idea of soulmates ’til today”

And, clearly, I was stupid yesterday

In “Stupid Yesterday” she invites you to explore your deepest inner conflicts; whether you end up thinking about who you’ve compared yourself with in the past or not, what’s certain is that you won’t be able to escape this angelic new indie alternative voice.

“River Flowin’ West” by High Tropics

High Tropics has released another track that reminds us of the pleasure of making music, for the sake of music. The mastermind behind this indie rock band, Josh Stewart, recently shared in an interview, “I try not to think about styles but rather just try to make each song as good as it can be, whether that means leaning into a genre or experimenting with something new.” (Heart-to-heart with Josh Stewart, Distromono).

As for what inspires him to write songs, “a lot of my writing is definitely inspired by experiences. I am a bit of a recluse as well, so even things like movies, video games, or other stories. I try to take inspiration from everywhere.” (Heart-to-heart with Josh Stewart, Distromono).

If you pay close attention to the lyrics, we can assume that it’s about his home landscape, often characterized by its rivers and natural beauty; or we might go deeper and find symbols expressing a sense of direction, belonging, or a journey toward a destination:

River flowing west, there’s a place to be

Tell me what you want, show me what you mean

I don’t wanna fight if it ain’t guarantee

River flowing west, there’s a place to be

“Finishing the song is the reward, everything else is just the cherry on top.” (Heart-to-heart with Josh Stewart, Distromono). We have to thank you for every song you finish and release, cause we want to enjoy the cherry too!

“easy” by fanclubwallet

Another Canadian talent, fanclubwallet is an indie pop project led by Hannah Judge, who began the solo project based on dreamy and introspective music characterized by ethereal vocals, lo-fi production, and introspective lyrics.

fanclubwallet soon gained attention for its unique sound and intimate songwriting style, like this March track:

Is it easy

For you?

I can’t explain how you do

You do

Is it easy

For you?

I can’t explain how you do

You do

Two aspects make this band unique: Judge’s distinctive voice and the minimalist approach to production. If you like enjoying music with that contemplative approach, this band is worth checking out.

In a world where conformity often reigns, these indie artists remind us of the beauty of individuality, the richness of diversity, and the transformative power of art.

So, let’s keep marching to the beat of our drum.

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