NEW Indie/Alternative: March 2022 by Indiemono 🍄

NEW Indie/Alternative: March 2022 by Indiemono 🍄
4th March 2022 sandra

We present you the monthly update of our playlist NEW Indie/Alternative: March 2022. You can find our indie/alternative playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

We want to thank you for submitting your music to us. Also, if you were not selected, don’t get discouraged! Art is just a matter of personal preferences ☺️

1. 50/50 – Your Neighbors

Your Neighbors present us this upbeat tune that stands out for its textures and dynamism. The song tells the story of someone that is continuously sending mixed signals. Does it sound familiar to you? We hope it doesn’t.

Soul sucker
You’re so loud
Why you do it to yourself?
Heart poured out

2. sore – Sipper

Sipper brings to the table the perfect combination of an infectious guitar riff with husky and intriguing vocals, creating a paradox between the lyrics and the vocal delivery. Is he low-key enjoying this situation? Or does he really wanna leave?

I’m sore, a little sore I don’t like it
You made me like this so
much You get me sick for

3. Come Around – Peter McPoland

Last month, Peter released String Lights and now he comes back with “Come Around”, an eclectic single that mixes elements from folk and indie pop. Peter tells the story of how the more you’re far away from someone, the more that you idealize them, and how the desire of seeing them again keeps growing.


Don’t you know you’re wonderful?
Don’t you know you’re beautiful?
Don’t you know how long I’ll wait for you
To come around


Moto Bandit wants to bring back the summer with their new funky single and we’re here for it ☀️


get lost in the foreign light don’t mind me
if I stay the night sweet girl,
you can have my hands roll around
in the sun-kissed sand

5. Invincible – Omar Apollo & Daniel Caesar

Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar blend their voices together in this track that explores vulnerability, erotism and love.

If I were to go (go, go)
Tell me, would you notice me?
If I were to go (go, go)
Tell me, would you notice me?
(If I were to)

6. funny lil thing – The Golf Club

If you want to continue with the funky vibe, we highly suggest you press play on this one. You won’t regret it. We are already dancing like it’s Saturday.

7. It’s Random – Dora Jar

“Is about feeling aimless and adrift in the absurdity of life. I started writing it the first week of lockdown and finished it when the world turned on again. Mirroring these last couple of years – and themes on ‘comfortably in pain’ – ‘It’s Random’ “goes from calm and playful to harsh and anxious really fast.”

Now all I can do is live
I begin to wonder what the sky is
And all of my cloudy friends are flying high
Now all I can say is “Hey”

8. daisy – Arden Jones

Arden Jones declares his love and admiration for a girl with this catchy tune that again, sounds like summer. On the tune, he formulates his wishes for himself and his potential lover.

Daisy, I think you’re a star
I know you think I’m crazy
But that’s just who you are
Say we go get famous


9. Beach Boy – BENEE

“It’s about being happy alone, but still wanting some love; wanting the thrill without the pain. It was the first time I’d worked with Greg Kurstin, and it was so sick…we got on super well, and I love this track…I think it is perfect for cruising down the freeway with the top down :)”


And I hate it, god I hate it
when you Yeah I hate it,
when you talk about me leaving oh

10. Say Something – bennytheghost

Inspired by artists like Dominic Fike and Role Model, bennytheghost presents “Say Something” a track with a catchy uplifting instrumental complemented by airy vocals and self-deprecating lyrics.

You, you warm my blood
Tear through my lungs
Won’t you say something? (Like)


These are just the top 10 placements but you can always follow our playlist for monthly updates on the best new indie/alternative music!



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