July Is Even Hotter: A Breeze of New Alternative Indie Songs

July Is Even Hotter: A Breeze of New Alternative Indie Songs
4th July 2023 Elena
New Alternative Indie Songs for July 2023

It’s not just the heat that will be screaming for fresh new alternative indie songs. July is the month to celebrate nostalgia, discovery, adventure, and, of course, independence. Can you think of a better way to travel this month than with a monthly curated playlisted of new indie music?

Whether you landed this blog before or after listening to Indiemono’s New Indie Alternative Vibes playlist of July 2023, it doesn’t matter. In this entry, we include a variety of songs based on genre, lyrics, and overall mood.

Let the indie vibes begin!

“Mama’s Boy” by Dominic Fike

No, this is not a diss at anyone! We’re all about peace and chill. “Mama’s Boy” is a song by Dominic Fike where he describes the complex relationship he has with his mother (Preach, right?) and how this has influenced him. From the very beginning we can feel how this “bond” is far from being just that:


How do my plans fit in with yours? (Oh)

You’re such a doll and I’m a boy

Where did my parents go? (Oh, oh)

I’m not in Italy

They like vacation homes much more than they love me

Yikes. It seems that he’s the only one that would like to be a mama’s boy. This represents Fike’s third single from his upcoming album Sunburn (set to release July 7th, 2023). He’s the perfect mix of a refreshing electric 90s grunge and a nostalgic longing for independence. What you need for those long summer drives.

“Slow Runner” by m4x

m4x, aka Max Armfield, does it again with his latest release, “Slow Runner”. You may have heard his other recent singles, “Daylight” or “Bleach Blonde” which have surpassed 40K and 30K plays on Spotify, respectively. He is known for his grunge and antipop style, and he seems to found his sweet spot there. To fully understand these lyrics, it might be good to know a bit about his current situation.

This UK-based artist has managed to create a home and workspace in an abandoned primary school! And, hey, all legal here. So, when he sings:

Feeling like a runner at the end of a game

I need to know my way ’cause I just see me going insane

Keep me alive without something to say

Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah

We definitely get that although slow, he feels life like a marathon right now.

“Rollercoaster” by Yb.

This is Yb.‘s latest release (June 30th), following “Tired“. Here he tries to express his uneasiness when witnessing the highs and lows of an upcoming journey. Have you ever felt like giving up before starting something?

22 a million, that’s what we’re listening to

We can’t make our minds up, I guess that’s nothing new

I can’t wait in line, ’cause I’m shit scared of the rollercoaster

I can’t wait till I  get the fuck out of this rollercoaster

This mellow side of alternative indie music (synth and ethereal guitars) contrasts with the emotions felt before, during, and after that rollercoaster ride. However, 2023 has started off to a great ride as he’s won two QMAs (Queensland Music Awards), including Emerging Artist of the Year.

“close your eyes” by tomcbumpz and Ivri

tomcbumpz and Ivri invite you to “close your eyes” and give in to the moment. If you’re wondering what’s better than a talented artist, the answer is two. This song is the last track on tomcbumpz’s album, comfortable silence (2023). Although this NY native has been releasing instrumentals and self-produced work for a decade, he has found his niche in the underground and lo-fi music styles. Ivri’s angelical vocals confirm, once again, why she is a self-proclaimed “lofi fairy”:

In a moment I’ll

Read a letter found

At the bottom of the ocean

Words never spoken

It’s unusual that we

Made this world under the sea

A great song to be embraced by while you’re drinking by the pool or laying down on the beach.

“Stories” by Scoobert Doobert

In “Stories” by Scoobert Doobert we turn to a funky indie pop tune with a catchy bassline (you’ll see), clean guitar lines, and ethereal synths. As soon as the song starts, you’ll be instantly drawn and, possibly, moving a limb or two:

I’m writing stories in my head

Inventing awful things that you never said

Mad at what you did in my dream

Always in my head

Imagine awful things that you never did

The vocals are solid, as usual, but how this track is crafted musically is what’ll have it on replay.

“Homebody” by Gus Dapperton

Brendan Patrick Rice, who you’ll better know as Gus Dapperton, gained popularity in the indie pop and bedroom pop scene with his unique musical style and, of course, distinctive fashion sense. Although he’s been making music since 2016, he gained the most attention with “I’m Just Snacking” in 2017. In “Homebody”, you’ll find a song ready-made for the dance floor with a funk bass line and catchy lyrics such as:

Wait up, wait up, wait up, wait up for me (Wait up)

I swear to God, I’ve seen you in my dreams (Wait up)

I’m runnin’, yeah, I’m almost at your street (Wait up)

Wait up, wait up, wait up, wait up for me

As always, we love curating moods through music. We only hope to get you in the right one. Enjoy these new alternative indie songs for July, while we work on August!

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