Indie Summer Soundtrack: 10 Fresh Songs

Indie Summer Soundtrack: 10 Fresh Songs
20th August 2015 Carlos

We wanna dance and enjoy our summer with the best indie music. Our mono has investigated during these last two months to end up with the best ten indie songs of the summer. The holiday soundtrack to indie lovers, a perfect complement for our parties, trips, sunny days, beach weekend breaks or lazy mornings. Good vibes and joyful sounds.

1. The Mowgli’s – I’m Good

‘Kids in Love’ released on April 14th 2015. Fourth album of their career

California // Alternative Rock/Indie // Spotify Streams: 11 M

The videoclip of ‘I’m Good’ was filmed in the California desert  (near Joshua Tree National Park)

Yes, the name of the band comes from the famous disney character ‘Mowgli’ from ‘The Jungle Book’. In fact, this is the name of a band member’s dog. We could consider this band such a great example of spread the  ‘Love and Peace’ motto. They invite with their songs to enjoy our time and to love one another, somekind of Crystal Fighters influence on the lyrics or inspiration, who knows? Either way, the entire album have the indie summer touch we’re looking for, rescuing the fresh sound of previous songs like their biggest succees ‘San Francisco’

2. Petite Meller – Baby Love 

Single released on January 19th 2015. Debut album coming soon, later this year

Paris (France) // She created her own genre called “Nuvo Jazzy Pop.”
// Spotify Streams: 3 M

The addition of bongos sound to the rythm of this song gave the idea to shot the video in Africa. Concretly, it has been filmed in Nairobi, Kenya.

Catchy song about a broken heart, an emotion that the singer wants to express by dancing all her pain. It could seem an easy idea, but the song and the video pick up a miscellany of thoughts and reflections that makes this music project something complex and introspective, although apparently we could think it’s simply transgressor and attractive. Petite Meller, lead by an extravagant parisian model with a master’s degree in philosophy, has good qualities to stand out different music lover profiles. They bet on the creation of an own music style that we could baptise with their own name, Petite Meller. We should follow closely this project.

3. Flyte – Light Me Up


Single released on  November 17th 2014.

London (Uk) // Alternative-Pop // Spotify Streams: 131K 

They tinge with colours an ordinary life, this is what Flyte got with their first videoclip.

A song about first love, probably a common sensation during summer teen parties… Flyte came to us with their good vibes at the beggining of this year, and we fell in love of this fantastic tune. ‘Light Me Up’ was remixed by the legendary Mike Crossey who produced records for Artic Monkeys, Foals, The Kooks or Keane. Flyte have toured with Bombay Bicycle Club, in fact, Jack Steadman, the leading vocals of Bombay,  remixed the last Flyte’s single, called ‘Close Together’.

4. Smallpools – Karaoke 


‘LOVETAP!’ March 24th 2015. First Studio Album.

LA (California) // Indie-Pop // Spotify Streams: 1M 

We could consider this band a mix between The Mowgli’s, Walk the Moon and The Royal Concept

They have played in bigger music festivals such as Lollapalooza on 2014 or Rock in Rio USA on 2015. The entire album is full of catchy indie happy songs, including the advanced single on 2013 called ‘Dreaming’ that reach more than 22M of streams on spotify. In fact, they have debuted on TV with a performer of this song on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. All you can find in ‘LOVETAP!’ sound very similar, with small variations, but you can’t stop jumping!


5. Strange Talk – When It Feels So Good

Single released July 22th 2015.

Melbourne (Australia)// Synthpop & indietronica // Spotify Streams: 40K 

This is the second release for their new project, the new EP will be launched on October.

Their firsts singles and unique album, released last year, has a similar style to bands like Passion Pit or Cut Copy. However, with this new single could be foretelling a change direction on this young band’s style, formed 5 years ago, more closer now to indie-pop sound. May be it has something to do with the fact that the band has lost two of their members, evolving into a duo. Anyway, they don’t totally leave their characteristic synth loops and electronic touch, clearly identifiable in this new tune.


6. Powers – Beat of my Drum

Single released on May 2015

LA and NYC // electro-pop // Spotify Streams: 5M 

If we mix success formula with an exquisite electro-beat taste, we have this fantastic duo, Powers.

This band was borned by the association between  Alex Da Kid’s, producer of ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons, and Crista Ru, who lent her mellow voice for the addictive ‘Classic’ by The Knocks,  so we can consider they really have the ‘Power’ to create a HIT. ‘Beat of my Drum’ it’s  an infectious song that encourages us doing what we want, making it in our way , an indiemono motto. . Perfect song for the summer!


7. Hunter Hunted – Blindside

‘Ready for You’ released July 24th 2015. Debut Studio Album.

LA (California) // indie-pop // Spotify Streams: 250K

They’re actually, during this summer, co-headlining a tour with another band you shouldn’t miss; ‘Young Rising Sons.’

The band has toured with great bands like FUN., Fitz and The Tantrums, Weezer, and Twenty One Pilots. ‘Ready for you‘ is the first and awaited album by Hunter Hunted, and we can consider it a mix between different major music styles such as pop, dance or rock without a predominance of no one. So, when we don’t know how we can categorize something we wrongly used to talk about ‘indie’. Although, if we hear that song we can clearly consider it a pop song. Anyway, that’s a song with a good feeling.


8. The Griswolds – If You Wanna Stay

‘Be Impressive’ released May 22th 2015 internationally. Debut Studio Album.

Sindey (Australia) // Indie-rock // Spotify Streams: 2M

This song was composed in more or less 24h, the quickest one of the album.

The Griswolds, and mainly that song, remember us The Royal Concept vibes.  Their first track, called ‘Missisipi’ and released on 2012, reached the uppers positions on the emerging artist list of We Are Hunted, a popular website that also had an app on Spotify, which was acquired by Twitter two years ago, actually is totally abandoned. The album was released first on the US at the middle-end of 2014, produced by Tony Hoffer (also produced M83 or Beck albums). Nowadays, the band has returned to Australia, where they’re touring with Passion Pit and working in their second album.


9. Ella Eyre – Good Times

Single released on July 2015 via Spotify

London (UK) // R&B, electro-indie // Spotify Streams: 1,5M

Positive upbeat, strange and particular voice and a renewed fusion of styles: new Ella Eyre’s creation and a perfect summer tune.

She’s going to release at the end of August her first album, called ‘Feline’ (totally appropriated) after a great number of successful singles published during/along these last two years.  We’re sure that with this album debut she’s going to be known all around the world as Ella Eyre, and not as the girl who collaborates in the most successful Rudimental hit; ‘Waiting All Night’.  She reached the second place on the BBC Sound of 2014, with Sam Smith on the top.

10. Years & Years – Ties

‘Communion’ released on July 10th 2015. Debut Studio Album

London (UK) // electro-pop // Spotify Streams: 2M

‘Communion’ has debuted at number 1 in the UK sales charts, outselling the rest of the top 5 combined in only one week after the release.

BBC Sound 2015 winner doesn’t disappoint. ‘Ties’ is their last gift after the release of their debut album on July. Olly Alexander, the frontman of the band, initiated his artist career as an actor, appearing in television films like ‘Skins’ or ‘Penny Dreadful’, and he decided to join ‘Years and Years’ after the bassist, the multi-instrumentalists Mikey Goldsworth, heard him singing in the shower. This album debut surely assures them many sales and awards, and  a great number of songs for us to enjoy every second of this summer. ‘Are you having fun?’

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