Dutch Criminal Record – Room With A View · Indie Alternative

Dutch Criminal Record – Room With A View · Indie Alternative
4th May 2017 Dam

We’re super excited about these talented guys! We liked them since we took a listen the first time – and we moved their project through all of our discovery playlists, they’re more than brilliant for being undiscovered! They published their last gem the 14th of April – ‘Room With A View‘ and we want to be their nº1 supporter forever. Take a listen to their Sofar – their vibes are happy and suitable for your terrace party.


Their music also filled our monthly discovery playlists and right now their song ‘On The Fence‘ is giving thousands of summer lovers an excuse to move their body in our Summer playlist. If you like ‘The Kooks’ or ‘The Drums’ you’ll surely love them – send them love through their facebook page.

Discover this song and 79 brilliant monthly suggestions in our Indie / Alternative playlist.

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