Dear Apollo: How music can connect the world

Dear Apollo: How music can connect the world
20th December 2017 Dam

We have a soft spot for genuine stories, even more when it’s about indie creators. We recently discovered Dear Apollo, a band formed by Anthony Dicembre and Ben Robinson; two friends in the distance brought together by music.

Reading their interviews and their article on Ithaca Times, we want to extract the best of what we loved most about their story. It all starts when they meet being two kids, become really good friends and suddenly Anthony moves away. What happened next is the awesome part; they formed a band with Dropbox as the main tool for their creative process.

“The two set up studios in their basements, creating an area for recording and solo creativity. There wasn’t a set time for recording: when inspiration came to Dicembre or Robinson, they would rush to their studio, record something, then send it off to the Dropbox cloud. Once it’s in the cloud, the next step falls onto the other band member. “

The process has lead them to create and launch their first EP named after the band, Dear Apollo;

“The EP combines synth and acoustic elements, layering vocals and instrumentation in a mellow yet melancholy way. Piano mixes with harmonizing vocals from Dicembre and Robinson, swirling together with a percussive beat and genuinity in the lyrics. When listening to the final version, it’s easy to forget Dicembre and Robinson weren’t in the same space when they recorded. With mixing done by Grammy-award winning Will Russell of Wilburland Studios — which is based conveniently out of Newfield — the EP comes together seamlessly.”

We’re happy to share their EP, ‘Dear Apollo’ with you. We also asked them to curate a playlist for us (that you can find in our MonoBrowse) – they called it ‘The Bittersweet Unknown‘ and we already gave it a spin – SUPER RECOMMENDED. Be sure to follow and send love on their Facebook!

Huge thanks to Melissa (MelissASSIST); Dear Apollo’s personal ‘Amplifier’ (and awesome human being) for getting us to know their story.


The Bittersweet Unknown by Dear Apollo



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