Chill, It’s Hump Day: Tune in to these Chill Song Covers

Chill, It’s Hump Day: Tune in to these Chill Song Covers
13th September 2023 Elena
Chill, It’s Hump Day: Tune in to these Chill Song Covers

It’s officially hump day. For everyone. And, no matter how the week has been, it’s your moment to appreciate that you have – roughly speaking-, 2 days left of work. Well, unless you work weekends. Then again, if you do, you probably skipped this blog anyways as there’s no such thing as hump “day” for you. But you could still change the narrative on this Wednesday and lose yourself in our pick of the best chill song covers.

Indiemono’s Pick: Chill Song Covers

I think it’s assumed we all know what a song cover is, right? Well, for us it’s a way to reinterpret a song; and, on this playlist, you’ll find that every artist has given a spin to a popular song; whether it’s musical arrangement, style, tempo, or vocal interpretation, the aim is to set a chill vibe and atmosphere.

So, please, press play and give in to the chillest Wednesday ever.

“Creep” by Arlo Parks

Anais Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho, aka Arlo Parks, is a British singer-songwriter and musician, 23 years young. She’s gained widespread recognition for her introspective and emotionally resonant music that blends indie pop and R&B.

You can tell she loves experimenting since Radiohead‘s “Creep” most definitely falls outside the scope of these genres. Let’s not forget that this track played a significant role in establishing a rock band’s career and is known for its distinctive guitar riff and Thom Yorke’s falsetto.

She debuted in the music scene with “Cola” in 2018, followed by her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams (2021). Everything from her introspective lyrics to her evocative vocal style was on praised by the entire music scene and continues to be considered a rising star in the industry.

“Electric Feel” by Henry Green

Henry Green is the stage name of Benjamin Green, a British singer-songwriter and musician known for his electronic and indie-pop music. Some of his best-known songs and albums include this cover, as well as albums Shift (2018) and Half Light (2020).

If you listen to MGMT‘s “Electric Feel,” released a part of their album Oracular Spectacular (2007), you’ll notice that the original also shares an element of a chill vibe. However, has a clearer “catchy” melody and a distinctive blend of psychedelic, electronic, and indie rock elements.

Henry Green, a well-renowned indie artist, has gained recognition for his ethereal sound, often characterized by lush production, soothing vocals, and introspective lyrics. He likes incorporating elements of electronic, ambient, and indie genres, creating a unique and emotive sonic landscape.

“i love you baby” by Emilee

“I Love You Baby,” also known by the title “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” was written by Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe, recorded by Frankie Valli and released as a single in 1967. So, yes, it’s one of our favorite oldies! It became one of the singer’s signature hits and has been covered by numerous artists over the years, making it a timeless classic.

This song has all the necessary elements for the perfect wedding or, why not, film. Who can forget Heath Ledger’s stellar performance in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)?

Emilee Flood, aka Emilee, is a fresh new talent based in Arkansas, US. Although she was already known in the TikTok scene, she gained popularity after appearing in Surf Mesa’s “ILY (I Love You Baby)” version.

This gained them a nomination for top dance song at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and the iHeart Music Awards.  She’s also released plenty of music by now as a lead artist and we can’t wait to see what this TikTok personality with a whopping net worth of $ 5 M plans on doing next.

“Take on Me” by Anni B Sweet

Ana López Rodríguez, aka Anni B Sweet, is a Spanish singer-songwriter and musician from the sunny coast. That would explain her overall chillness. She’s known for her indie pop and folk-influenced music, characterized by her melodic vocals and acoustic guitar-driven sound. She became popular after she released her album Start, Restart, Undo (2009), which features this track as well.

The song “Take On Me” is originally from the Norwegian band A-ha, first released in 1984 as a single and later appeared on the band’s debut album, Hunting High and Low (1985). It soon became their signature track and a massive international hit, especially following their iconic music video, featuring a blend of live-action and pencil-sketch animation.

Anni B Sweet’s music is often described as dreamy and introspective and, if you’ve followed her closely, you’ll have noticed that her style has evolved as a result of experimenting with different musical influences.

This song cover is no different and she’s proven to remain faithful to her own style. She has built a solid fanbase at national and internal levels in the indie music scene and we hope to continue watching her grow.

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