Camo Columbo, Tropical Vibes and a Summer Spell

Camo Columbo, Tropical Vibes and a Summer Spell
29th June 2018 Dam

Close your eyes. 

Well just close one or you won’t be able to read. 

Imagine yourself at a tropical beach. You can feel the warm breeze in your face. The smell of coconut while your skin is toasting under the sun. An exotic bird sounds in the distance. A gentle laugh that speaks another language. At the background a smooth song is playing. It moves your body to dance to the rhythms. It’s summer and you’re not in your office anymore. Camo Columbo is here to take you there, whenever you want.

We met Angelo Emo (Camo Columbo) not so long ago and fell in love instantly. His style is a peculiar mix of genres, he calls it Exotic Pop with surfy vibes, but he’s got a lot more there – from rapping to electro. His sound is influenced by Bigband, Jazz, Latin and Hawaiian guitars that results in sounds so exotic as himself. But enough talking about it, you have to listen now!

Calypso Spell is described by Camo Columbo as an enchantment. “The story told is about a spell that makes you admire the music at night and you can’t stop dancing to it. The Calypso Spell flows through your blood from one leg to the other and thus your body is tempted to keep moving until the next morning. But you can’t fight it, the only thing you can do is dance till death.” There is that.


With Camo Columbo as the first artist, Indiemono is launching Banana Music; a digital label and a place for artists to be published digitally, with the same philosophy as the core of Indiemono itself; the goal of a fair treatment to artists and music discovery of what we consider brilliant projects everyone should meet. Keep an eye for what’s coming in our Banana Music sub-site and our facebook! 

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