Best of 2021: Indie/Alternative songs. Top 10.

Best of 2021: Indie/Alternative songs. Top 10.
22nd December 2021 sandra
Best of 2021 Indie Alternative

2021 was an amazing year regarding music. We’ve created a playlist with the best indie/alternative 100 tracks. Do not miss them! If you want to find out what our TOP 10 is, keep on reading.

10. The Mission – Bakar

“​​To me, the song is about the want and need for a better future, especially for 1st generation kids of immigrant backgrounds – telling our stories is so important. I’m trying to represent and reclaim my Islamic faith for a new progressive generation. This is ultimately about peace but so often our symbols and flags have been hijacked for the wrong purposes. I see what’s happening in Kabul this week and pray for the people there.”

The song features Bakar’s optimist and conscious bars over a chillwave instrumental reaching the peak point at the chorus with a catchy vocal melody.

All I want’s my kids to have some nepotism
All I want’s my wealth to have some repetition
Call my unborn son and tell him that’s the mission
Tell him that’s the vision, yeah
Tell him that’s the mission, yeah




9. IDC – carpetgarden

‘IDC’ is a really chaotic song about embracing identity and flaws and giving up in the most positive way. “Before I came out as trans, I was always hiding parts of myself so I blended in more to the people around me. Once I came out, I didn’t really have to ‘blend in’ anymore, since being trans is still an idea a lot of people turn their heads to. I’ve lost a lot of relationships with (very judgmental) friends and family because of my gender identity and sexuality”. ‘IDC’ is really about that optimistic nihilism, and the inner-peace you experience after starting to be yourself and finding your community.

Baby, you’re so pretty, but you’re not the one I need
Maybe I’ll be wealthy, but that don’t mean shit to me
I’m on my own, I’m on my own
Everybody hits me, but I’m not afraid to bleed
Gave him all my loving and he turned his back on me
I’m on my own, I’m on my own



8. Anton Lavey – Hobo Johnson

Hobo Johnson keeps surprising us. He dedicates this song to Anton Lavey, the founder of the church of Satan, and to Satan himself. Rumors say that he sold his soul to the dark lord. We don’t know if that’s true but we would like to know how to do it (asking for a friend).

Closing my eyes, glad that I’m dead
This heaven is weird, my Jesus is red
I hope that he sees me, I yearn for his touch
Darling, I need you, Satan, my love


7. Keep Moving – Jungle

Jungle came back to our lives with their LP “Loving in Stereo” and their single “Keep Moving”, an infectious funky and groovy tune that incorporates disco elements 🕺🕺🕺

Unless you understand it and find out what to do
Don’t think about it, I’ll be running with you
If I can’t understand it, I’ll find another way
Keep moving, keep moving

6. You Stupid Bitch – girl in red

girl in red described perfectly the despair you feel when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t love you back.

Don’t bite your lip or grit your teeth
Just count to ten and try to breathe
You stupid bitch, can’t you see
The perfect one for you is me?


5. KEEP THE PACE – Dreamer Boy

Dreamer Boy really knows how to create a memorable track. The powerful bassline is accompanied by saturated and harsh vocals that sometimes are intertwined with a dreamy melody and a soft voice, creating a really interesting juxtaposition.

The instrumental has also a really eclectic style between rock and UK garage and the sum of all these ingredients results in a really interesting song.

Well that’s fine
I think that everything will be alright
And I try
But far too many times I fall behind

4. Scab Song – Dora Jar

Dora Jar is also a must on this ranking. The crazy lyrics are accompanied by a really original production. Special mention to the high-pitched and accelerated vocal runs.
I’ve got a scab on my leg
I’ve got a scab on my leg and it looks like an island on the water
Come swim on me
My skin is the sea and feel the ocean breeze


3. Rocky – Still Woozy

You know how much we love a dreamy sound and Still Woozy didn’t disappoint on this one. Although the song has this kind of vibe throughout all the track, he also added melodies with a more rhythmic structure, creating interesting contrasts that will keep you hooked during all the song.

I always remember that you love me
When I leave my lonely body
I always remember that you need me
When I’m nodding off slowly


2. Many Times – Dijon

Dijon knows that music doesn’t have to be simple and conventionally beautiful always. He combined a loud instrumental (that almost feels like a jam session) with angst vocals that reflect an argument between partners.

I don’t really wanna talk about it
Many times you hurt me so much
Many times you hurt me so much


1. Best Thing – JAWNY

If you like crazy instrumentals and psychedelic trippy vibes you’re gonna love it! What also makes this song special is that it tells the Story of Hugo, which is the prequel of his EP For Abby. Check them out!

“The high-pitched vocals give Tyler the Creator’s Igor an illustrious nod as Hugo categorically fails every boyfriend test thrown his way, frequently apologizing for “obsessing” over their relationship. By the end of the track, we discover, from Hugo’s voicemail, that his partner has met someone new, and that she’s sorry, and if Hugo’s not sad, he will be soon.”


These are only the top 10 positions. It has been an amazing year and we can’t wait to see what the next one will be in terms of music. If you want to discover the top 100, follow our playlist. See you next year!


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