10 Creepy legends and stories in the music industry 👹 (Part 2)

10 Creepy legends and stories in the music industry 👹 (Part 2)
30th October 2021 sandra

Here’s the second part of our list of creepy legends and stories in the music industry. You can find part 1 right here.

6. Robert Johnson made a pact with the devil

Robert started playing at blues bars but the public wasn’t really excited about his presence. They even asked the club owner to kick him out. A few years later people who knew him claimed that he didn’t rehearse any songs but his skills were excellent. The rumor is that he made a pact with the devil.


6. The Mars Volta created The Bedlam in Goliath album with the help of a Ouija Board

The band bought a Ouija Board in Jerusalem and started using them. Things started to get strange and cursed events started to happen. Their communications partially inspired the lyrics — and even the sounds — The Mars Volta was developing for its new album. The studio flooded. There were a series of equipment malfunctions. Fearing that the spirits were behind the problems, Rodriguez-Lopez says he broke and buried the board so the group could finish the album.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magik in a haunted house

The band wanted to record the album in a weird setting so they decided to rent Harry Houdini’s house, they believed that this would make them more creative. but one of them, Smith, was convinced that the location was haunted and refused to stay. Frusciante disagreed with Smith, claiming that the ghost was very friendly and he felt welcome in that house.

8. Paul McCartney is dead

We love a good conspiration theory. This one claims that Paul McCartney is dead and was replaced by a look-alike. . Afterwards, the band left messages in their music and album artwork to communicate the truth to their fans. These include the 1968 song “Glass Onion“, in which Lennon sings “here’s another clue for you all / the walrus was Paul”, and the cover photo of their album Abbey Road, in which McCartney is shown barefoot and walking out of step with his bandmates, not only that! they look like they were dressed up for a funeral. Paul’s funeral maybe?

Abbey Road


9. Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd was buried in a Neil Young T-shirt

According to the legend, it’s said that Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd was buried in a Neil Young shirt to take his feud with him to the grave. His wife denied this information but that didn’t stop a couple of people from desecrating his grave to find out. His body is now in a private place because of these events.


10. Avril Lavigne is dead

Apparently, everyone nowadays is dead and Avril Lavigne isn’t different.

The theory alleges that the pressures of fame, combined with the death of Lavigne’s grandfather, sent her into a deep depression after the release of her 2002 debut album, Let Go, and that the singer died by suicide shortly after.

According to the conspiracy theory, a look-alike named “Melissa” was originally hired to distract the paparazzi, protecting a reclusive Lavigne. After her death, Melissa learned to sing and to perform like a musician.

Avril Lavigne and Melissa

Do you know more legends? we want to read about them!

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