Attract, Engage & Delight: The flywheel for musicians

Attract, Engage & Delight: The flywheel for musicians
18th October 2021 sandra
Flywheel marketing

Music Marketing tool: The Flywheel for musicians

We are sure that you’ve heard about the Conversion Funnel in marketing, which implies creating a strategy based on one objective separated and classified by levels. The funnel may be a useful strategy for a bank, but the music is guided by different codes, everything’s connected, we can’t regret anything even when it has passed ten years, we should always remember the job done with a good feeling. That’s why we think that The Flywheel is an excellent tool for musicians.

The Flywheel is an updated point of view to organize the road map we want to put into practice when it comes the time to attract new listeners, engage your listeners (turning them into your followers) and delight them to accompany you throughout time.


When you decide to run an artistic project, every action you’ll take according to the music is always going to be part of you, especially when work is bound to several internet platforms from Spotify as much as Instagram where artists show their image as much as their feelings. Once the content is out, there’s no going back. That’s why we advise separating your personal accounts from your artist’s accounts in case you feel it’s the most appropriate decision.

You’ll be asking: Why would I have to do that?

You’ll feel totally free to choose the kind of communication you want to create between your audience and the music. When we analyze this behavior, we usually refer to the kind of customer relationship the artist has created between their listeners and his project.

Here’s where we get into action by using the infinite tools we’re surrounded by to communicate our message. The funnel of conversion separates these tools and constructs an organizational chart based on the artistic development path. The Flywheel shows us that each action has the same level of significance as any other either in an emerging or established artistic stage. All actions are always guided by three goals altogether:

Attract, Engage, and Delight: The flywheel steps

The two main branches of marketing knowledge are divided between Owned Media and Paid Media strategies.
On the one hand, Owned Media refers to every content we create to spread the music, and it’s focused on customers.
In exchange, Paid Media strategies refer to when we use payment tools to spread the music for strangers who haven’t discovered your music and we know they’re going to like it thanks to demographic data. Both media strategies have the purpose to generate Earned Media, in other words, wake up on the listener’s mind the necessity to support the project naturally.
Until we reach the loyalty from the listeners regarding the funnel of conversion, a word that can be related to the fan phenomenon (take care of them, they’re going to be the first ones who’re going to accompany you). At the same time, it’s also contemplated on The Flywheel but the difference is that there’s no end when we reach this step. The customer journey is always moving on and evolving throughout time as much as the music.
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