Lost in a City


Lost in a City by Paul the Neighbour


The first single of 2022 from Amsterdam-based music maker Paul the Neighbour. Lost in a City was conceived during a time of great uncertainty. Feelings of being trapped and held back inspired the writing of this song, thus painting a highly personal picture of the artist.

Recording started in January 2021 while Paul was alone in his Amsterdam apartment. During these grey and lonely weeks, the bedroom studio slowly expanded to the entire flat, with instruments ready to be recorded at every corner. This new recording space gave Paul the necessary inspiration to turn “Lost in a City” into what it is today: A laidback and melancholic song that represents how an honest way of expressing oneself can help you deal with the draining life of the city and other personal struggles.

The instrumental basis for “Lost in a City” was recorded with a 100-year-old harmonium Paul picked up at a local thrift store. By layering psychedelic vocals and unexpected synth melodies, a blend of sounds that were somehow made for each other is created. Think Tame Impala, not at an Australian beach but in a city with horrible weather.