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[accordions][accordion title=”How do I know if my song was playlisted and where? “] The most reliable to do this is through your Spotify for Artists. Here’s an article about it. [/accordion][accordion title=”But – don’t you give feedback about the songs you receive?”] It’s difficult for us because of the amount of music we get every day. As this system is free our time is uniquely devoted to listen to submissions and playlist them if we like them.[/accordion][accordion title=”So, can I send you an email for a direct submission? Maybe Facebook or Instagram?”] We really don’t have the time for submission messages. We created this system to be able to receive all the music that people is eager to share, so it’s easier for both of us. We know that press notes are important to you, that you want us to know a lot about your band, but we don’t have time to read every one we receive, sorry. If we like your music and want to know more about you, we’ll send you an email – that’s why we ask for it on the forms.[/accordion][accordion title=”Why can’t I send my songs twice?”] If we already received the song and you can’t find it anywhere anymore it’s because we didn’t find a place for it. Sorry for that.[/accordion][accordion title=”Why is the system sorted by boxes? Do I have to submit the same song to more than one?”] When we listen to a box of submissions we prefer to have the same ‘vibe’ to be focused, but we playlist the songs everywhere. You don’t need to send it more than once, just choose a box.[/accordion][accordion title=”Why do I have to send the URI digits and not a link?”] As our system is connected to playlists, we need to automate the process to get them into them. This process takes 1 step of reading and writing on Spotify – having another step to translate all URLs would take another step, which makes it more expensive. You can see our goals to get this system better on Patreon.[/accordion][accordion title=”Well your system sucks.”] Apologies if you found problems or you think it’s a slow process. We do it as best as we can with the time and money we have. This free system costs us +$200 a month just in maintenance and automations, so for us is an investment to keep it up free. We’re trying to improve the system thanks to our contributors in Patreon – you’ll find our goals to make it better and a quick submit space for Patreons there. Check it out![/accordion][/accordions]

[accordions][accordion title=”Is there a way to submit and have some feedback?”]Yes! You can contribute in our Patreon (any amount) and you’ll be able to open the Patreon submit system. Whatever our Patrons submit is checked monthly – and we give feedback of the specific songs we chose early every month. This doesn’t mean paid support or the assurance of being in a playlist. You can see a quick access on the website menu bar. We also try to provide exclusive content or first access to what we’re doing there. Keeping our contributors updated is fun and we can interact closer with our friends. Check our Patreon to know more. [/accordion][/accordions]