Caravn was born in Paris, and grew up in Rome. Although he lived in many cities around the world, he never felt like settling anywhere. The desire to see the unknown and write about it was always a priority.

His music and melodies are crafted to the last detail. Although memorable and catchy, they also come from the heart. Caravn tells a story in each of his songs, inspired by his own experience or inspired by someone else’s. Caravn says “We all got a story to tell. I write about me and about other people. I often talk to friends, family or strangers and sometimes their stories inspire me to write a song I LOVE IT! “

His song Be Gone with Rival released on NCS accumulated more than 10 million streams, and it was written for one of his girl friends stuck in a toxic relationship. “That song gave her the strength to finally end her s**t relationship, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Caravn accumulated millions of streams across every platform, and his voice is soon becoming iconic on the electronic and acoustic scene.

Featured release

hey there delilah

february 2022